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The three day misunderstanding

The three day misunderstanding can hardly be called a war, or even a substantial military conflict, which is why people don’t. While peace technically wasn’t reached until the 19th, it’s known from the three days it took for the misunderstanding to be cleared.


It all started when lords Lachlan and Raine went to the annual party at the kings castle. Lachlan has made a joke to his wife about the whole roasted pig being served. Because of their previous less than mutually agreeable interactions Raine assumed the comment had been about him.


Upon hearing the joke, Raine replied with one of his own, this time referencing Lachlan by name. The lord became visibly angry, despite his best efforts to not show it. The presence of the king managed to keep the conflict from escalating beyond deathglares after that.

Declaration of war

When the two lords had exited the castle, there was nothing stopping them. The conflict quickly grew, and it didn’t take long before they both declared war against the other.


The war declaration meant fast action. The lords quickly gathered the men they had brought to the castles and rushed to get back to prepare. Riding very quickly, both lords ran into trouble on their ways. A clumsy servant cost lord Raine his lunch. During a quick bite on their horses, the servant slipped and the lunch fell to the ground. Others quickly offered theirs to the lord instead, but he refused out of irritation. A refusal he quickly came to regret as the hours passed until supper.
Lord Lachlan didn’t have much more luck. On his second day riding home a big rainstorm hit. The gravel road they traveled along became a death trap, but despite his followers advising him to slow down and take it easy he kept pushing. A while later he also came to regret his decisions. One of the extra horses slipped and sprained its ankle. It would heal, but the wounded horse slowed them to a crawl. It got donated to the nearest farm, with a 10 year old girl more than willing to take care of the creature.


Thankfully for half the nation the war never truly started. A servant at the castle had seen everything that had happened, and notified the king. He sent out two messengers for the lords explaining everything. After three days the messengers arrived at the castles, delivering their messages to the lords. Quickly realizing their mistakes, they both sent out requests for peace discussions, and a few days later peace was reached in the kings court.
Start Date
Ending Date


Lord Lachlan
Lord Raine


6 men, 10 horses
4 men, 6 horses


1 horse
The lords lunch


Restore his honor
Restore his dignity

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Author's Notes

Hello! And thank you for reading my article!
This was made during the Summer Camp 2018 challenge. I won't be editing any of these to keep them for looking back on. That being said some I'm really not happy with, so I'll most likely put up an edited version at some point. If I do you will be able to find the link on the top of the page

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