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Colonies Revolution

The colonies revolution was a war started when The Empire attacked Yaith, a near-core desert planet. The empire always had a heavy and unstable foreign diplomacy, attacking strategic locations now and then in order to get access to resources, trade routes, or geographic locations, but this time was different. Yaith is a desolated desert planet with depleted resources and packed with thieves and scrap collectors. They were attacking civilians to create chaos and force the planet to join The empire to recover peace.  
"They can do nothing about their annihilation, these rebels are just and obstacle for the expansion of The Empire" - Emperor Romanov Luff, talking to Eylya Haku about a task, bomb her native world, Yaith. She and most of her team changed sides and united the rebels, winning the war eventually.

The Conflict


Some planets entered a huge crisis as they were filled with military based factories, but they soon recovered with help of worlds like Almoir and Luft and The Core itself, promoting a tourism and trade based economies and creating a new currency, the Corense, which essentially promoted trade instead of money accumulation. Also, they kept the Gloopee as a secondary but still important currency, used mostly by not-so-rich people.


A new alliance was created, The Core, to prevent this kind of things from happening again, and even though a lot of the previous empire planets didn't join, it was and still is the most powerful organization in the galaxy.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The rebels crushed The Empire as soon as their little groups were fusioned and led by Eylya Haku, loosing the war, and giving birth to new democratic governments in the galaxy.


The empire
The Rebels

Led by


Big, enough to crash anything in the battlefield if planned correctly. Most of the soldiers had little if not none experience at flying or shooting, but they had three times more soldiers. Also, they had the most Battlecruisers, one of them, The Hya Battlecruiser, was the most impressive and powerful ship of all times.
They were less, but since the military service in The Empire was obligatory, every individual soldier in this side was more experienced. Every rebel soldier had his/her own weapon or ship and knew know to use it, and even if The Empire had three times the soldiers, most haven't even touched a weapon in their lives until the war.



680 million

Support Infantry

72 million

Heavy Ships


Light Ships



256 million

Support Infantry

22 million

Heavy Ships


Light Ships



Annex territories to the Majestic Empire that was starting to take shape
Stop The Empire from taking innocent lives, as also as changing the government into a Senate

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