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The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth was the ruling political organization that ruled most of the Galaxy seemingly peacefull, but was disolved when the Colonies war was lost against the rebels and pan-unionists.


The Emperor was the ruler, and he had been chosen by the last emperor before its death. Below, there were the Generals, who commanded approximately 20 troop divisions that were between 10 and 50 soldiers each.


The Empire was established after some of the rich planets from the core of the galaxy proposed a central political and economic administration of the galaxy, and so they did. They united and elected the Emperor, who had the control over all the worlds who were members of it. Later on, as the economies of the member worlds were growing faster than ever, some other planets decided to join too, as the Empire was getting bigger and bigger.Some of the planets entered with the condition of a near future intervention of the Empire on their anarchy based worlds, and they got help.   All was going extremely good, but very slowly, the Emperors started a transition into a autoritarian type of government, and they started attacking geostrategic and rich worlds to include them into the great Empire, but they revealed, and the Colonies Revolution started, first as deorganized rebels, but soon as a parallel senate type of government, and eventually winning the war and dissolving the Empire. Then the senate was created, and the called it The Core, but many worlds exited it because of malfunctioning economies and created their own separated governments.

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Empire, The Reddies
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Legislative Body
The Emperor was the only one capable of approving laws. He had 7 counselors to help him make decisions.
Judicial Body
The emperor had to chose 7 counselors, but the elected could not be part of any military organizations, so old wise men were always the first candidates. They had to take care of a lot of Justices, who were in charge of the administration of justice in cities or even planets. They had to decide who lived and who died.
Controlled Territories

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