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Chapter 1: The revelation of Eylya Haku

As a sun in land, she was right, we were blind, as slaves in a desertic island

Plot points/Scenes

1- Eylya Haku is ordered to bomb Yaith by the emperor of The Empire, she thinks about it, as it is her native world.   2- She talks to her soldiers, and some of them agree, as they get divided by opinions; some of them start thinking of a rebelion, as others think that he is crazy.   3- Eylya Haku comes up with a plan to scape her ship and destroy it. After doing so, she might have an opportunity to join the rebels against The Empire.   4- She and her still loyal soldiers scape during night and destroy their ship, The Avenger. They run into hyperspace asking for help.   5- Rebels accept her squadron as part of them, as she starts to organize an attack.



Eylya Haku is the leader of The Taskforce One, the best trained army group in The Empire. She is told by The emperor to attack several strategic positions during the pre-war of the Colonies Revolution. Later, she is told personally by the emperor to attack her native world, Yaith, when her ship was still nearby in Inova.


It is my native world... My friends, family, my people… But I am now in The Empire, should I...?
  She then calls all the Taskforce Squad Members and talks ro them, asking them to take their helmets off (it is very unusual to do this, as all soldiers have to be seen as one entity, not as individual soldiers). She talks to them about an invasion in Yaith, and some of them said exactly what she was thinking. They all go to sleep after it, but she starts thinking about a plan.

Rising Action

During the middle of the night, Eylya Haku awakes her only loyal soldiers s silent as she can, and she tells them to follow her to a conference room. She explains the plan, and they prepare for it in less than an hour.   They were only 7 soldiers, including Eylya Haku, against an entire cruiser army, they needed luck. So they go into the hangar and each one takes their fighter with some silent kills, and run, going into a little battle agains some other not-so-experienced fighters, as they annihilate them.


They needed to destroy the ship, as they were only 7 fighters against an entire cruiser. Eylya Haku ordered them to focus fire on the center of the bottom of the ship, trying to destroy the ships power cell and blowing it up. They were brave, as they destroyed the external armor, eventually making it into the core and blowing the entire ship.

Falling Action

They ran into the hyperspace, going to the system of Luft. They are now war criminals, traitors to The Empire, but still Taskforce Squad Members. They now prepare to land in Luft and contact the rebels.


The rebels accepted their request to join them, as they needed help too. Now, the general Eylya Haku and her fellow soldiers will start the Colonies Revolution declaring war officially to The Empire.
Plot type
Chapter 1 of Chronics of the Galaxy
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