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Summer Camp 2018

30 days, 30 prompts - 300 words each - $750+ In prizes!
Sun Jul 1st - Tue Jul 31st

All entries for...
Write about an ancient kingdom, nation or empire in your world.
175 in total

The articles

United Nations for Humanity

Mâhirau̯ Nation

The Falmalin Empire

Empire of the Unified Central Continent

Elvarin Imperium

Das Kaiserreich der Vogelmenschen

The Myran Satrapies

Red Elf Empire (Fallen)

Walled Empire

The Saantari, Empire of the Dawn

The Mythic Empire

The Valonde Empire

The Halo Empire

The Royal Leatherwings

The Kingdom of Edrea

Faction: Arayas

Sefgotea's Forgotten Monarchy

Zsolka Empire

Holy Empire of Ombre

Hat’ept Empire

The Lost Empire of Meihua

Birdfolk Empire (rename)

The Empire of Skyrir

Kingdom of Krsi

Acient Qa, The Kingdom of Logic

The Grand Empire of Sothur

Sheven Empire

Clan Jenos

STUB - The Empire of Parth

The Titans

The Empire of Heor

Caelian Empire

The Ancient Builders

The Empire of Aldelgis

Corscean Confederacy

The Old Empire

Khwezi's legacy

The Northern Kingdom

The Yamato Kingdom

The Empire

The Fel'ur'n

The ancient civilizatin

Kingdom of Alaj

Xeririth Dynasty

Braris Empire

The Holy Ezani Empire

Tenders of Sief

The Great Vanaras

The Aeons Past

The Empire of Thrain

Dukana Empire

The Trade Guild

The Kingdom of Rebeorynn

Kingdom of Jydac

Turathi Empire

Arcanian Empire

The Guardians of The Tree

The Dead Empire of Rhemus

CH Clan

Arkani, the Tattered Realm

Surbatu Empire

Lacus Empire

Third Apirimortian Empire

Kingdom of Luxcis


The Federated Republic of Rim Systems - F.R.R.S.

The Illuban Kingdom

Covenant of Dreams

Dweorhian Empire

Ivendarea (Before Conquest)

The Empire of Anatosh (fallen civilization)

The Shattering of Netehiri

The Chrylden Empire

Nation of Hawklore

The Commonwealth

Minam Empire

Ancient Gerudo Tribe

The Lon Empire

Malisyk Cult

Regne d'Skafrontse

Empire of the Sea

The Council of Zion

Kingdom of Morrighe

The Daishe

The Before Times

GREY FLAGGED, the Undying Nation

Frontier Exploration and Preservation Collective

Kingdom of Archana

Boreal Empire

Mathorne Civilization

Kraad Technocracy

Nuvaris Theocratic Empire

Sylvian Imperium

Soloon Republic

The Voiceless

Lagest Perendi

Kingdom of Abten

Tamnel Empire

The Old Empire

Thrururin The Eternal Kingdom

The Kirithan Empire

United Nahua Republic

Saemfien Empire

The Opal Empire

Kingdom of Scarlett

Chewintin Manor

Enondish Empire


Kodiri Empire

First Qazayad Empire (364-390 DE)

Ancient Yuigary Empire

Six Cities of Dhelboran

Empire of Milleria

Walter Wyatt Whittaker Watchworks

The Tashawen Empire

Archis, Empire of

Kingdom of Enbinaar

Viceton Federation

Nelqora: Country of Mariners

The Lost Empire of Ortega

The Lost People

Kingdom of Laskea

The Empire of Atlantis

The First People

Umbra imperium

The Lost Kingdom of Mosat

Lucian Empire

The Tidal Empire

Medina Empire

Interplanetary Federation of Sol

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