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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about an ancient kingdom, nation or empire in your world.
A total of 171 entries

United Nations for Humanity

Empire of the Unified Central Continent

Das Kaiserreich der Vogelmenschen

The Saantari, Empire of the Dawn

Birdfolk Empire (rename)

Acient Qa, The Kingdom of Logic

The Grand Empire of Sothur

STUB - The Empire of Parth

The Holy Ezani Empire

The Guardians of The Tree

The Federated Republic of Rim Systems - F.R.R.S.

The Empire of Anatosh (fallen civilization)

GREY FLAGGED, the Undying Nation

Frontier Exploration and Preservation Collective

Thrururin The Eternal Kingdom

First Qazayad Empire (364-390 DE)

Walter Wyatt Whittaker Watchworks