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The ancient civilizatin

On the edge of the vortex there is a ancient civilization that was built around year two hundred. Explorers assume that they are the founders of magic but weren't powerful enough to fight what attcked it. It seemed that the buildings were made out of a clay like substance. On the outer towers there are grooves in the outer walls and a pedestal on top that looked like it could hold a crystal tommake a energy field around the city. There are some magical traps that seem to gaurd something they have found one thing that is a crystal that generates magical waves and is now in a safe lad tested day and night. It generates all types of waves like sound waves waves in water magic waves all sorts of waves. It has once when there was dragon scales in the lad the crystal let out a wave of fire and now the lad forbids dragon scales there. It is dangerous to go in there and only special people get to go to explore the city. There are giant stone tablets that have a language that no one kows how to read them even though it looks like a mix of dwarvish dracoinic and cestal. The inside of the houses are tables knocked over glass shattered every where we think they left in a hurry or mostly got killed. There is a big house that has a long table that has seven chairs behind it some more destroyed then others but there is one in the middle that looks brand new it is oftly wired whith all the rubble around. There are scratches of claw marks every were in the place they think that dragons attacked the city and where to powerfull that they killed the wizards that were the first magic users in the whole world. There are some demolished statues around the outside of the city. We think the might just be golems that protected the city.

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