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The Empire of Thrain

The Empire of Thrain was the largest unified country in the history of Thea. At its height, it held control over all the lands from the Western Point, all the way down into modern day Conradinia, and the island of Katiri.


Scant information remains intact of the details of the Empire of Thrain. What little of the political leadership that has survived to the modern day is that it was ruled by a single head of state, the emperor. There are a few stories that indicate the position could either be passed based on heredity, the emperors dying will, or single combat.


The Empire of Thrain was formed only six years after the First Migration. The fledgling human nation was quick to expand, and in two years took control of the southern slopes of The Western Spine, where it ran into the already existing Orcish Kingdoms. The expansionist Empire was quick to attack their smaller and less advanced neighbor, sparking the First Orcish War.

The Empire held overwhelming power over Thea for over five hundred years, untill the foundations of its power began to fall out from under it, first with the fall of Katiri, and the subsequent invasions from the Hobgoblins of the south. Two centuries later, the Dragon Wars would create cracks in the once unified empire, with small resistances and revolution chipping away at the authority of the state. However, the empire would remain for over a millennia yet, slowly losing power and land until being officially dissolved in 1212 of the Second Era.


Lands once held by the Empire of Thrain

The Gold Plains
The Greymarch
Twin Rivers Plains

Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Barter system
Manufactured Items
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