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1258 Fourth Era

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Though well into its fourth era, this land is still teeming with bountiful wealth and potential. Large stretches of untamed lands occupy the continents interior, while many robust kingdoms dot the coastline. This is a place of great danger and peril, but also one of great beauty for those willing to go and find it.   Your travels may take you deep underground, to the finely carved halls of the dwarven underkingdoms, or to the tops of mountain peaks that pierce the skies, but through it all, you will be chasing the legends and fables of the first ages greatest band of adventurers, the Tuatha de Danann.   Twelve articles are scattered throughout the continent, one for each member of the de Dannan. Were you to bring them all together, it is said that you would open the door to destiny. Many believe this to be a great treasure of gold and powerful arcane items, but the wealth you seek has been lost to time for thousands of years. Who knows what has come of it in the ages since it was locked away.