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The Regalia of Thea

Commissioned shortly after the end of the First Orcish War, the crown of the first emperor of Thrain, officially know as the Regalia of Thea, was the culmination of tributes from the surrounding nations, in recognition to the fledgling nations power and military might. The then new dwarven under kingdoms of Gouden Haard and Stalen Haard both sent part of the ogarine infused gold alloy that made the majority of the structure, with flawlessly carved ogarine crystals being donated by the Elven houses. Even the recently subjugated orchish tribes proffered rare samples of bones and teeth of monster and beasts native to the continent, and deeply infused with the ritual magics of their peoples.

The end result was a horned circlet of pale gold marbled with veins of pale blue, with six points of bone and and another six teeth interspersed with deep blue gems.

The regalia was lost after the fall of the empire, presumed to have been brought into exile by the then emperor. Rumors of it have periodically sprung up around campfires and drinking tables, tales of meeting a person wearing it or hearing that it was lost in a cursed dungeon that no one has ever returned from. The only thing that is certain is that if the regalia were ever to be rediscovered, the finder would be holding an artifact they could easily sell for a small country.


The Regalia of Thea is largely considered to be and artifact of great cultural importance to those who can trace their lineage back to the original empire, especially those in The Theocracy of New Thrain.

Item type
Unique Artifact
The Empire of Thrain
Owning Organization
The Empire of Thrain
7" x 9" x 3"
Base Price

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