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This small kingdom was conquered 2000 years ago by the might empire of Osten. At the time, the conquest of Katapam was registered by Ostian historians as a mighty triumph of their new siege weapons. Katapam resisted capture for longer than anyone thought possible, but in the end they succumbed to machines that dropped giant concrete balls at them, along with a mixture of dead animals and dead animals on fire.   Before its fall, Katapam was known as the only place in the harsh southern tundra that knew how to grow delicate plants to make valuable dies. They were the first to develop a technology to give plants warmth and sunlight even in the darkest, colder winters. The dyes produced by them were extremely valuable, and were the sole economic activity of the kingdom.   Their prosperity attracted Ostian greediness as an empire looking to expand. Once conquered, however, the people of Katapam did not make life easy for their new rulers. Observers from other nations wrote about how locals feigned confusion when Ostians tried to communicate with them. A local dialect that had been used for communication between all the nations in the region was suddenly unintelligible in Katapam, and people would rather die than reveal their secrets.   The Ostians eventually got frustrated by the lack of collaboration, and burned all large settlements of Katapam. It was erased from the world, but not from history.


This was a kingdom governed by a hereditary line of monarchs. The succession line was generational: instead of going to the oldest child of the monarch, it went to their next sibling. Only once all siblings were dead (or declared unfit to rule) did the succession go to the children. It would then follow all the monarch's children before going on to their children.


Technology that allowed them to grow plants otherwise unheard of in the cold climate. They were able to manufacture rare dyes as a result.
Geopolitical, Kingdom

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