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Kingdom of Laskea

Written by SirElghinn

The Kingdom of Laskea is a sovereign state on the Peninsula of Laskea that emerged after the unification of human and half-elf colonies in the summer of 1955. In the middle of the millenium, colonies of Humans, Half-Elves, and Elves began taming the lands located on the peninsula and setting down roots. Most of the Elves migrated from the Territory of Acilidan, while the Humans and Half-Elves mostly migrated from the Territory of Estrya. Over time, settlements were formed which led to the creation of Braedon, Daemarrel, Stonepond, Pella's Wish, Ula'ree, Pathstow, Hirane, and Sestatrea.



The colonies of Laskea were loose-knit communities that eventually established their own governments by elevating local prominent business owners or individuals with clear noble ancestry. These rulers were considered comparable to an absolute monarch in power and authority within their controlled territories. Eventually these Lords implemented hereditary primogeniture as a method of carrying on their legacy and hold on power, and as their power grew and territory expanded in size and influence, they began coming into mild conflict with each other.
Not wanting to travel down the path of other nations which resulted in civil war and conflict -- and after much lobbying by the Seven Sisters -- the rulers of each colony decided to convene for a conference in the trade port city of Sestatrea in the summer of 1955 held at the Temple of Torm's Coming. Known as the Dáil Dóchas (DAW-ill DOE-hass), or Hopeful Conference, the rulers all agreed to form the sovereign state known today as the Kingdom of Laskea with the ruler of Sestatrea, Lord Marros Nede being named as King of the new government. The details of the meeting were not made public, however it is assumed that deliberations and negotiations on hereditary rights and power structure for the new government were made.


The rulers of the different settlements were elevated as Noble Houses and Gentry Families. Nobility consists of members of the Noble Houses (peers and their families), however, in a more strict legal sense it includes both the titled and the untitled nobility, the latter being termed "gentry". Members of the peerage carry the titles of Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount and Baron. Peers ranked from Marquess to Baron are frequently referred to generically as Lords. The untitled nobility consists of all those who bear formally matriculated, or recorded, armorial bearings and consists of the landed gentry, made up of baronets and the non-titled landowners (referred to as gentlemen due to their income solely deriving from land ownership).
The Peerage is a term used both collectively to refer to the entire body of peerage titles, and individually to refer to a specific title. All Laskean honors, including peerage dignities, are created directly by the Laskean monarch, taking effect when official Letters of Investitude are affixed with the Great Seal of the Realm, the profile of a Lion's head. The Sovereign has the exclusive right of conferring legitimate titles of nobility and orders of chivalry on other persons. With that responsibility, the Sovereign is also therefore unable to hold a dignity from himself, making him unable to hold a Laskean peerage.

Braedon is a modest town located in the center of the country along the eastern coast bordering the Qretith Sea, and is ruled by Duke Harman Renan along with his wife Wendeline Renan of Sestatrea. Duke Renan has two sons, the eldest Marquess Elmorn Renan who is betrothed to Molara Starspell of Daemarrel, and the younger Baron Davin Renan who is currently single.
House Renan has a lineage that goes back to the founding of Braedon with their family being at the forefront during the colonization of Laskea. As such, their family has earned the privilege to rule, and their counsel is eagerly sought by the Crown -- and they are all too happy to answer when called upon.

Daemarrel is a large town located in the southern third of the country lying just on the north-western edge of the Feyborn Mountains. The town is seen as a crossroads of travelers from Acilidan and Estrya, making it a prominent trading settlement and a shining star of Human and Elven culture. Daemarrel is home to the Lady's College devoted to the study of magic and guided by the followers of Mystra. Daemarrel is considered both a strategically and culturally significant town for the Kingdom of Laskea and is well-protected.
The town is ruled jointly by Earl Niele Breyny and Fay Mytersaal, the apprentice and daughter of the late Tanalanthara Mytersaal, and current High Mage of Daemarrel. Earl Breyny is married to Cere Breyny-Sivan of Breghdel, and has a son named Baron Aeger Breyny, and a daughter named Baroness Freda Breyny -- both twins.

The small fishing hamlet of Hirane is ruled by Lord Andel Caldel, who was given a Letter of Investitude by King Alwyn Nede bestowing the title of Baron of the Realm following the death of Andel's older brother, the Viscount James Caldel.
Currently Lord Andel Caldel is unmarried and has no heir, and there has been quite a bit of speculation as to what to do in the event of Andel's death. The Lords and Ladies of the Realm have been somewhat hesitant to lobby for the privilege given the fact that Hirane is small, remote, and has limited resources to work with. There have also been rumors of criminal activity in the hamlet and surrounding region, leaving most in court to avoid the prospect of being in line for succession.

The small town of Pathstow is considered a frontier town in many respects. A remote town along the road between Daemarrel and the town of Breghdel in the Territory of Estrya, it is nestled deep in the Feyborn Mountains and offers travelers a respite from their long journey.
The town has some historical significance as it is home to the Old Mage's Tower, the residence of the great Mage and follower of Mystra who was responsible for raising some of the Seven Sisters. The Tower has been abandoned and sits partially destroyed following years of neglect, but still receives visitations from Dove Falconhand and Storm Emberhelm on occasion.
The town is ruled by Viscount Mathye Braffolk and his wife Ice Braffolk of Shadehaven. The family currently has no heir due to the inability of a Human to mate with a Tabaxi. However, the couple is said to be interested in adoption so long as such a thing is legal with the King of Laskea in order to maintain the Hereditary Primogeniture system currently in place. The couple have so far been unsuccessful in finding a suitable child, but they have the support and the encouragement of the townspeople who are fiercely loyal and protective of the couple's plight.

Pella's Wish is a small farming community located in the center of the country on the outskirts of Lake Pella. To the west of the village lies a low marsh encircled by a dense forest which offers the residents a picturesque view during sunsets. The village is well-known due to it being the location of the residence of Dove Falconhand and family.
The village is ruled by Baron Symath Boley and his wife Gertrude Boley. They currently have 2 sons, Liames (11) and Aebert (9), and two daughters, Wynna (6) and Sunna (3). The family was given a Letter of Investitude by King Alwyn Nede bestowing the title of Baron of the Realm after the town lobbied for the prominent farming family to be elevated as the rulers of the village. Seen as the People's Lord, Baron Boley comes across as a man of the people and is very much loved by the community.

Sestatrea is the Capital City of the Kingdom of Laskea, and is the largest trade port of the Northern Kingdoms. The city is home to King Alwyn Nede of Laskea and Queen Yevidri Aerilaya of Aennamar who reside in the Temple of Torm's Coming, the seat of power for the followers of Torm and the Court of Righteousness, the seat of the judiciary.
The King and Queen are left to rule the Kingdom with the daily administration of the Capital being appointed to Gentleman Mayor Jellrich Crouse and his wife Cristyne Crouse. The Mayor and his wife have two daughters, Elin Crouse (22) and Merey Crouse (17). The Gentleman Mayor and his wife hold no hereditary titles as the position is granted by the King and is typically a life-long appointment.

Stonepond is a small farming hamlet far to the west of Braedon nestled along the edge of Stone Pond, and is considered a remote destination for anyone traveling in the Kingdom of Laskea. Rumors have been circulating as of late that Stone Pond is haunted, and as a result several families have begun packing up and moving to other settlements.
The hamlet is ruled by the Baroness Elys Lesalt who inherited the right to rule when she was only 22 years old following the death of her father after drowning in Stone Pond. Elys' mother passed when she was 7 years of age, and following the tragic death of her father she has had some difficulty ruling, but does so to the best of her ability. The people have begun to doubt her ability to rule, which has only further encouraged them to leave town. It is rumored she is desperately seeking any manner of assistance in revitalizing the community.

Ula'ree is a small fishing and trading hamlet on the south central coast of the Peninsula of Laskea. The town is ruled by the widower Earl Goldywn Semanis. However, due to failing health and an addled mind, the responsibility of ruling has been delegated to his son, Baron Lutjen Semanis and his wife Avelyn Semanis. Both Lutjen and his wife are considered dark and brooding with a penchant towards the macabre. It is said they have taken an interest in necromancy, possibly as a means of saving the Earl. Others believe they are merely followers of Kelemvor, and seek to prepare and properly honor Earl Semanis upon his soon-to-be-expected passing. Regardless of their nature, both Lutjen and Avelyn have maintained order and provide to the satisfaction of the townspeople.


  • Laskea
    The Kingdom of Laskea
  • Pathstow
    The small town of Pathstow is considered a frontier town in many respects. A remote town along the road between Daemarrel and the town of Breghdel in the Territory of Estrya, it is nestled deep in the Feyborn Mountains and offers travelers a small respite from their long journey.
  • Sestatrea
    Map of the Capital City of Laskea
  • Hirane
    The hamlet of Hirane
  • Temple of Torm's Coming Layout
    Layout view of the Keep called the Temple of Torm's Coming located within the Capital City of Sestatrea.

National Anthem

King's March

State Funeral Piece

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
The Kingdom of Laskea is a Hereditary Primogeniture Absolute Monarchy, and as a result the King is solely responsible for the creation and implementation of laws, decrees, and edicts. It is understood, however, that the King traditionally consults with the Lords of the Realm and the Clergy of Torm to form a consensus before new laws are enacted.
Judicial Body
The judicial body of the Kingdom of Laskea is delegated to the Clergy of Torm which oversee that justice is upheld to the satisfaction of Torm's teachings and the legal authority granted to the King. The judiciary is a small body of members with Barriltar Bhandraddon, High Cleric and Pontiff of Torm, serving as the presiding individual of the court called the Court of Righteousness located within the Temple of Torm's Coming.

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