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The Kingdom of Rebeorynn

The Beacon of Hope

The kingdom is very large, rivaling that of The Iron Empire. Many view Rebeorynn, with its fair laws and spires of light and silver, as a beacon of hope. A bastion for the good in the world. On many fronts this is very much the case. The distance between the wealthy and the poor is smaller in this kingdom and the ability to move through castes is a boon to the morale of its people. However, natural-born nobles will always have a higher claim to lands and titles before a self-made man would.   Beneath the surface of Rebeorynn, however, where the whispers hush at approaching footsteps, there is a crueler reality. In the silent alleys of the government district and the echoing halls of the magistrate's building, Rebeorynn is as bloodthirsty as the rest of the world. The surface of the kingdom is a more of a facade to the majority of its people. Not as bluntly brutish as The Iron Empire, their tactics are still morally gray. They are masters of subterfuge and clandestine operations, preferring a more covert approach to dealing with problems that arise. Their military isn't the largest, but it is a professional standing army.




In charge of judiciary issues and concerns of the kingdom, primarily dealing with the gentry. This office investigates capital crimes against persons or the crown that isn't handled at the territorial level. The chancellor can also levy charges against state actors and political figures.

This office overseas all matters dealing with the military branch of the kingdom. The Commander is in charge of appointing officers and sectors. In desperate times, the office may also enact conscription for the territories. During the war with the Iron Empire, the Commander's office worked in a forward operating base, reported to by his generals.

Known for its clandestine practices, the office of the director is responsible for operations involving more detailed work. The primary function is to gather information that would benefit the crown and its people.


Rebeorynn is home to the Apsor  culture.

Public Agenda

Rebeorynn's policies have been rather constant since King Mevrald took the throne. The cease-fire with the Iron Empire remained in effect which gave Mevrald the ability to focus more on the infrastructure of his kingdom. In order to do this and also keep the eastern border safe from the Empire, he needed to levy higher taxes to his people. An unpopular move, it wasn't long before improvements began to take shape. Roads became sturdier. Sanitation in the larger cities began to filter the filth and waste away from the metropolis. Overall the quality of life improved in small pockets of Rebeorynn. However, in villages and towns further from Krinn, these changes were not felt, as they were struggling due to the levies.


Rebeorynn is a very large kingdom and as such as vast quantities of resources available to them. Most of their land is plains which make farms plentiful. However, they also have a large forest in the south and mountains to the north, both of which are harvested for building materials. The mountains to the north, however, are mainly controlled by the Rakoth people as well as the reclusive dwarves that live underneath the surface.


Rebeorynn was founded in 843 B.C., to the first king, Davos Beolth. A military tactician, he united the settlements surrounding modern-day Krinn through policy or bloodshed. Self-crowned, he went on to lead a campaign across the plains and brought many houses under his banner. His expansion was incredibly fast as many in ancient times simply did not have the military power to fend off his army. It wasn't until he reached the east where he met opposition that gave him pause. The progenitors of the Empire, these men and women fought against the invading army with such veracity it quickly broke the spirit of King Beolth's army. Using guerrilla tactics and fighting on their home turf gave them the advantage, as did raiding the supply lines that kept Rebeorynn's campaign active. Due to several setbacks and military blunders, Beolth was pushed back to the west. He vowed to one day return and conquer the heathen tribes of the east but was never able to muster that kind of force before his death in 811 B.C.   Rebeorynn eventually expanded with new settlements and cities across the west while the east also expanded and united under a single house. During this golden age, Rebeorynnn became very prosperous. Magic was used to increase quality of life and the military would soon begin experimenting ways to utilize this amazing power. Their attention during these times was more focused on expanding their influence across the world, and eventually turned their eye to the people of Allanar, seeing their lush forests and land as vital resources for the kingdom, but were halted at the border. The humiliation at the hands of uncivilized barbarians to the east, however, was a pockmark on their history. Their eye never wavered from the badlands of the Jaesi. The Jaesi never forgot about the west's attempted conquest of their lands and tensions over the next several centuries culminated into what would be known as the Heartseeker's War.

Demography and Population

Military Outposts
  • Dawnkeep
  • Oathshield
  • Luexmond
  • City of Krinn
  • Galelight Harbor
  • Darktree
  • Yliron
  • Udrefford (Ruin)
  Towns, Villages, and Hamlets


Rebeorynn controls the majority of the western side of the continent of Aerath. Its borders extend north touching the range of the Dragon's Tooth Peaks all the way to the Burning Scar. Going south, it encompasses the Hallowed Vale forest. Further still it touches the contested area of the Dread Cliffs before returning west to the coast.


Ground Forces

Standing Strength: ~24,000  


Standing Strength: ~33(2,300 Men)  


There is no primary religion in Rebeorynn as all of the gods are given their place. In the major cities, temples are erected for most of the deities while smaller towns and villages usually give praise to one or two of them (an agricultural village would typically revere O'heia)

Foreign Relations

  • Thegh Torum
  Enemies   Associations

Glory, Pride, Honor


  • Map of Rebeorynn
    Created by captain and explorer Mikael Thornhoof, this map highlights the more established communities and cities within the Kingdom and typical trade and travel routes through the Kingdom. It also highlights the destruction the Cataclysm had left on the eastern portion of the Kingdom.   Created in ~60 A.C.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
The Crescent
Legislative Body
The Council is the ruling body that passes legislative law, but all laws are reviewed and signed by the king. Tax laws are reviewed yearly.
Judicial Body
The Chancellor is head of the judiciary arm of the kingdom. Smaller, county-level crimes are handled by the local magistrate but all accusations against the nobility goes directly to the chancellor for review and investigation. The King typically does not involve himself with the proceedings unless they are of political or social importance.
Subsidiary Organizations
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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