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The Empire of Heor

The Heoringas were a strong and numerous people who lived far to the north of Aressa, on the opposite side of the Tiril Bridge. Contact between them and the peoples of Aressa had been limited, as the Great Sea to the north was impassable.


Heor the Spear was declared Emperor of Aressa, ruling over his lands in the north as well as much land around the mouth of the Mar River. Beneath him were many lesser rulers, given lands in Aressa for their dedication to him but completely obedient to him. No Aressans ever gained positions of power within the Empire.

Public Agenda

Conquest of Aressa


In the year 907, a great army of the Heoringas, under the mighty warrior Heor the Spear, crossed the Tiril Bridge and began a great conquest of Aressa. They carved out a realm from the disorganized tribes and feuding merchant-cities that stretched across Aressa from Trebost in the west to the coast in the east, and as far south as the future site of Mendia. This realm was always unstable, and when the coalitions began to take back land from the Empire, thousands rose up in revolts. The Empire was soon forced to acknowledge defeat, retaining only the lands around the Tiril Bridge, and it is believed that Heor was defeated in a great war in the north at about the same time as the War of Three Hundred Kings. The legacy of the Empire lives on, however, as many of the peoples of Hastis still resemble the northerners and distrust their Aressan kin.


The extent of the Empire's lands in Endestred, the far north, is unknown; however, their realm in Aressa controlled nearly half the continent at its height, stretching from the Tiril Bridge, to Trebost, almost to the sources of the River Mend, to Kefalaio on the eastern coast.

Geopolitical, Empire
Palaf Kron
Alternative Names
The Heoringas
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
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