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Minam Empire

A recent empire, with great advances and a great fall. Tales of the Minam Empire are laced heavily with myth, legend and a particular current viewpoint. Not all are completely true given recent interpretation, but they do have all a core truth as to what happened as libraries still contain a significant amount of good material on the subject.


Empire, with multiple kingdoms, each with their own breakdown of local districts. The Empire predominantly ran the military, communication networks and



Through a series of treaties and economic superiority the Kingdom of Minam began to consolidate vassal kingdoms. This accelerated due to pressures asserted by the Dracon Alliance, who proceeded to perform a series of resource raids against the planet. With it's resources, the Kingdom of Minam offered to build a planetary defense grid in return for associations joining a military treaty. This expanded within a hundred years into a full fledged empire.


Over 50% were killed by The Plague of Silmora within the first few years of the plague. Combined with the destruction of the majority of Mystic Engines the empire fell apart.

Demography and Population

Covering the whole planet, it is believed the Empire governed a billion beings.


At it's height it covered the entirety of Gorel, it's associated moon and some associated Legrangian point outposts.


Being born out of a military alliance, the central military was of great importance. It focused on long range attacks and defense strategies. Employing a great number of sharpshooters and long range magical weapons, the entrance criteria were fair and allowed entrance to all species, orientations and cultures.

Foreign Relations

Generally well respected among the worlds, though at odds with the Dracon factions of the Dragonborn.

Peace, Justice, Order

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Empire of Minam, The Great Gorel Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Minam standard. This refer's to the standard weights and contents of copper, silver, and gold coins, slips(5x coins) and bars(25x).
Legislative Body
The Council of Kings met with the Emperor to determine new laws and regulations once every four years.
Judicial Body
Local Kingdoms generally handle their own disputes, and the methods vary somewhat by kingdom. For justice between kingdoms and other military related issues, the Eagle Justicars are dispatched to resolve the issues.

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