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The Plague of Silmora

The plague of Silmora is named after the town in which it was first reported. It is a wasting disease that acts fairly quickly in causing open sores, debilitating pain and death. The early symptoms are inconsistent in timing of their presentation and highly variable.   It is not particularly hard to cure magically, however by curing it magically you made yourself more prone to re-contracting the disease.

Transmission & Vectors

Contact and arial transmission are common during the infected's life. However, the disease was so virulent due the fact that it has a spore form which would be available on the skin and in the air around the body and last a long time after death.


A nasty genetic retro-virus that affects the genetic structure of the victim.

Affected Groups

Longer lived races were disproportionately affected, but all common races were affected. It is also known to affect oozes, dragons, horses, monkeys, and some fae creatures but to a lesser degree. It did not affect Orcs, goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears much at all.


Isolation tends to be one of the most effective deterrents. Followed by a round of healing spells and tinctures in a group.


Most of the population has been exposed and is fairly immune now, but it devastated almost half of the population on the continent of Bellflower and is the principle reason that the planet of Gorel has been under quarantine. The Order of Order was tasked to close down the extra-planar gateways to seal of the planet from affecting other worlds. This contributed to the general loss of technology and capability of the society.

Cultural Reception

Due to it's propensity to affect elves significantly and the high degree of sophistication of the disease, it was considered to be a manufactured disease. The elves blamed dwarves and gnomes though they could not prove they were the ones behind it. This cultural rift caused an increase in the mistrust between races.

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