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The Cradle of Worlds

6th of Rupsey in the year 7081 Imperium Reckoning

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The 11 realms are the universe.   The material realm as understood by the sages has 2 suns and 9 habitable worlds. The remaining two realms are in debate. The church of the Earthstar states a lost world is a tenth and the Earthstar itself is the eleventh. The Elves commonly state that the tenth represents the myriad of habitable moons, asteroids etc, while the 11th is the feywild. The Dwarves say all 9 worlds are only one realm and there are ten others, and the Dragons aren’t saying what they think.   Among them, in a corner of the world known as Hendro by some and Gorel by others, lies the island continent of Bellflower. Nearly a century ago the Mystic Engines failed, and a wild plague killed much of the population.   Now 32 nations vie over the continent to establish their own doctrines and agendas. Old caches of unusual technological devices have shown up predating the first dragon imperium. Old cities abandoned, wars, ancient secrets, mysterious happenings await the adventurous.   To the west lies the untamed Hendarent plains and the port city of Soramizu. To the east the New Minam Empire.


Bellflower and Bamboo

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