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Mystic Engine

The mystic engine is actually a generator of magical power utilized to generate magical effects and conveniences.   Common uses range from flying ships, protective fields, teleportation systems, healing systems, life sustaining systems, among others.


Used as a general power source usually, certain forms of the technology can be used as weapons.


The aetheric core is assembled first, followed by it's shielding and energy siphon. Connected to the siphon are the mechanisms that are fueled by the core. This can be anything from a motive force engine, a field generator, a distributer system, or more specialized functions.
Children Technologies
For roleplaying games you must be proficient in mystic engine tools to repair or modify a mystic engine. For 5th edition this is a tool proficiency, and for pathfinder it is a feat that grants proficiency and arcana is used for the skill.
Access & Availability
At one time they were very common. Every town had one, cities had several and were used for multiple purposes. Around the time of the peak of The Plague of Silmora in 6897 OR the mystic engines and most portals to other worlds failed. This was disastrous to many public works which relied upon the engines. Now only a few engines are said to have been shielded sufficiently to have avoided the destruction.
These are complex devices which were manufactured in multiple parts and assembled. They are difficult to make en masse without sufficient technological and financial infrastructure in place.   There are a number of related technologies that are called mystic engines that do not use an aetheric core. While effects are similar, their methods of power generation are different. These include, but aren't limited to blood engines, soul engines, spell engines, and ley line siphons.
Discovered during the first great dragon wars, but perfected during the 2nd dragon imperium.
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