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Third great hall

Within the Tomb of the Sand Kings in the The Raikirian Desert, Origol Puzzler-Abid has found a strange chamber, it is simply labeled the Third great hall.   It itself appears to be a magic construction, almost a device in architecture. It's walls are composed of multiple forms of Tealtcra as well as various metal pylons and sculptures in the room. It resonates with a complex web of necromancy, enchantment and alteration. There are elements of Mystic Engines as well as some similarities to a Replication Press. Origol wonders if it was for the creation of magical glass sculptures, or even a medical facility. There are several what appear to be fantastical metal chairs surrounded by tealtcra and metal pylons. The atypical blue tealtcra is of particular note, as it is not a common variety.   Some of the mechanism appears to extend below the floor and so it is likely that the exploration of the basement should yield a better understanding of what this room was designed for.   Several iron locked containers are here, too heavy to be looted and not easily opened. Origol has succeeded in opening them, but is unsure of the nature of most of the materials therein. He hopes the dozen doses of Intrac Jelly found in a preserver case will be of significant value to his benefactor to keep the money flowing for continued excavation.
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100 x 160 ft

Cover image: by Markus Dehning (vertixico)


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