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Intrac Jelly

Known as one of the three arcane awakening humours, Intrac Jelly is highly prized and a significant high value export.


Origin & Source

Derived from the Sand Liot worms that have been boiled it fat and squeezed out of their casings. Then distilled and fermented over the course of months.

Life & Expiration

Without magical preservation the dose of an ounce is only good for a few days. Most of it is packaged within magical vials to preserve it. With such preservation it can last decades, and with additional layers of protective packaging can last hundreds of years.

History & Usage


Originally the Sand Liot were hunted and distilled over a long time. In the last few thousands of years a writhe of these worms has been domesticated. It is unknown why other attempts to make writhes from that original domesticated stock thrive elsewhere have so far failed.

Everyday use

The most common use of the jellied draught is to awaken magical capacity of the flesh. Like the other Awakening Humours it is not without risk. In most individuals magic is awakened and can then be used and refined with study. About half of those who imbibe it gain some form of madness or seizures ending in death. This can be reduced if the dose is slowly applied over time. This is the preferred method for most wizarding apprentices.   A side effect in wizards who have taken the jelly is that the aura put off by others being awakened is strengthening and rejuvenating. Thus explaining why otherwise recluse wizards would take on the expense of an apprentice.   Taking a second dose, even slowly over time results in a 90% chance of death and a 9% chance of permanent disfiguration or madness. If the second dose is successful all further doses will be as well, but they transfigure the individual into a monstrous horror.


The effects of the jelly permanently alter the skin and flesh of the recipient. Certain creatures hunger after the flesh altered this way, and wizards find many uses for a dead wizards skin tanned into parchment. Wizards will often grant their heart, liver, spleen and other organs to specific organizations or people upon their death.
pungent, sweet, and almost nauseating
amber with a tinge of purple in some light
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