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The magical ceramic resin of Tealtcra has been used for a long time. A predecessor resin was used in a chunk form for a long time for use in magical devices. Tealtcra is used specifically to focus magical energies and in some formats to store magic.

History & Usage


The first Tealtcra panels were manufactured in 4866 IR as an improvement over Linton crystals. Linton crystals could only be made in limited form and with a high failure rate, where Tealtcra panels could be made more reliably.   The creation of crystaline Tealtcra in a wider array of sizes and uses was a later development. It was first performed in  IR.

Everyday use

A couple formulations eventually were standardized over time.   The dark orange black variety is used to store magical energy and in some forms is used for energy buffering and regulation. The energy buffering usage was crucial in the advanced compact construction of Mystic Engines to help regulate the output of the aetheric cores. Thin shards of this variety are used typically to store magical energy and are used frequently in Tions and Cartaries. Older panels types of this material are still in use for large city devices, such as defensive weapons or municipal installations. This is even more desired as they can often be used to power devices previously powered by the Mystic Engines.   The purple black version is used in energy direction, and this is the form used extensively in Portal Networks.
As there are no manufacturers at this time it is extremely valuable if intact.
Moderately rare in intact large shapes
Orange Black or Purple Black depending on the exact type
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