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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe one technology which fundamentally altered your world.
A total of 158 entries

Gnomish Glass Greenhouse

water treatment plant

Star-Steel - Refining and Forging

Importance of Magiviore

The Paragon Temples

Firearms, Malcolm Krow's Hidden Weapon

Gears and books a technology that had a big impact on the world

Prismatic Potential

Eve Stone Conduits

Living creature technology

Izeric Battle Wands

The Maker's Golems

Gene splicing and simulation

Tiifen phonetical writing system

Hanhula Atomic Reassembling Device

Horoi, the Filth-Eating Fungi

Artificial Consciousness Interface (ACI)

Ocean-going Vessels

Gnomish Aetheric Flux manipulation

Hertz Transit System

Thaumaturgist's Projector

Objecte màgic

Quantum Field Theta Manipulation

Sanguine Distillers

Storm Powered Ballista

The Printing Press

Magically Attuned Technology (MAT)

Crystal Constructs

Tablets and Computers

General-Purpose Magokinetic Motor

TENILE FUTRA, The Lost Breakthrough

Trans-dimensional Tunnel

Arcane Society System of Interconnected Secured Teleportation (ASSIST)

Spell Thrower Firearms

Pseudospacial Warp Tunnels

Bones of the Ancients

Digger's Shovels

Aquaducts and Sewers

Navigator's Compass

World Tree Airship Technology

Catalyst Crystals

Magic, Technology & Society

The Magic Mouth Phone

The Scholarly Pursuit of Aethitek

Moldavite Power Pylons

Meta-Conducting Circuts