Quantum Field Theta Manipulation

p] in the early 21st century a French physicist named Etienne Klein theorized that the variation of mass in particles of the same type can be express as a variation of speed in a, at the time unknown, dimension or quantum field. this field was known as Quantum Field Theta.
Such field while theorized early was still elusive as it was really hard to experiment with or at least detect with the science of the time. Then Pandora events happened...
The scientists were amazed by the Umbras capability and most speculated that umbras where in fact able to manipulate QTF and thus manipulate his mass and gravity. This prompted a rush to gather corpse or even live specimen of umbras. This proved easier said than done for a long time, but with the rise of the Sisterhood of Edda such corpse where discovered on Titan.

This discovery prompted a massive investment in the QTF research and The Lazarus project make it one of its top priority. Only a few years after that a joint release by Lazarus Research and The Martian United Armory was presented to the world.

In it was a working plan for building a massive structure using newly created elements to manipulate QTF. With it, one can modify ( more like rewrite entirely ) the mass of any particle. This first working prototype was a fusion reactor using QTF containment to achieve fusion of heavy elements.
Such a reactor could provide more energy than one can dream of and thus render dreams like terraformation or massive spaceship design feasible. The humanity as a whole starred in awe as the newly born Union of Martian Republics used two fusion nuke to inject the necessary energy into the system. Much to the surprise of everyone except the scientist working on it the containment stay in one piece and the reactor soon started to output massive amount of hydrogen and oxygen in the Martian atmosphere.

Since then QTF manipulation is the bread and butter of most high power application, enabling a new revolution in human technologies, Solving once and for all the energy need of humanity


QTF manipulation is the basis for most advanced science currently in use but the biggest contribution of QTF was in the field of nuclear power. Cold fusion, heavy element fusion, and light element fission where all achieved using QTF. As such the most common use is, by far, to build ship reactors usually either HEF Reactors for big ships and huge power load or small CF reactor for small craft.
Siegfried Mayer
Access & Availability
QTF is, for the most part, a Lazarus Research technology and as such is like any other CCC tech, open sourced.
However, the sheer size and cost of the industrial process for making QTF parts make them excessively pricey
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