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The Printing Press

The Printing Press in an incredible invention made in the year of 3461. It will vastly change how the world runs from this point forward. The amount of scribes distributing news across the Imperium was a bloated system. Now news can not only be accurate, but widely given out.   While it's only been made for about a year, we have already began to see the difference with Nora's Guide to Spellcraft and The Linguistic Code now used in lower economic classes from copies we printed.


This allows the mass production of texts to be distributed throughout the world. While beneficial to the spread of knowledge, it can now be difficult to control what is printed. Currently the most used function is for mass communication.

The Imperium Ravens developed this technology with collaboration from The Academy.
Access & Availability
Only two are known to exist. One is with The Imperium Ravens and the other is at The Academy. Eventually The Imperium Archives received one a year later.
These previous technological advancement were required: manufacturing of paper, development of ink, woodblock printing, and distribution of eyeglasses.
The two factions needed a method of mass distributing messages with special ink. The process before that difficult and time consuming for a single message. This allows protected messages to easily be made for their entire organization. By using magic inks we can make invisible messages made for certain people or making magic moving images.

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