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The Academy

The Academy is a school to foster the greatest people in the known world. People are scouted and while people can apply, this doesn't mean one is accepted. They take people of all kinds from all kinds of backgrounds and skills. In this way new ideas are found and allows the Academy to have the ability to relate to any place in the world.   This, however, is a lofty goal. In truth most students come from the Imperium homeland and for the most part are either human of wolvan. It's rare for any other race to scouted. Most are trained in combat and rarely any are simple merchants or artisans. Arrogance has filled the school and distrust to many of the people through out the territories of the Imperium.


The Academy is broken up into three divisions. The Wing of Mind, The Wing of Brawn, and The Wing of Skill. Each with it's own subdivision of schooling. Everything run is by the Grand Overseer who manages the academy. Each wing is run by an Overseer that then assign professors to teach the students.

Public Agenda

The Academy was founded as a result of the Crisis of 898. During the crisis a group of heroes set forth out of nowhere and stop the crisis before it could cause any real damage. As a result the Imperium wanted a place where exceptional individual could flourish and be ready for any kind of crisis to occur. Surprisingly it is out of the Imperium's control and they now act as their own entity.


The best wizards, swordsmen, tradesmen, etc that the world has ever seen.


Four years after the Crisis of 898 is was certain another such catastrophe would come again. The Crisis was only stopped by three unknown heroes and if those three did not, the consequences would have been dire. Emperor Julian II realized that the Imperium has no way of protecting it's people from a event of this scale. As a result, he pooled together resources from all over the Imperium. From the Sor-Ta Empire to the Imperium homelands, he gathered the finest architects, builders, soldiers, teachers, and great minds to build a castle fit for the greatest of people. Construction took four years in total, however there was no one to fill it.   Emperor Julian II knew he needed someone to lead it, someone to act as a figure for this gathering of great people. He called upon the three heroes from the Crisis. However only one responsed, Oliver Walters, the most recent reincarnation of Yenkisavias. He turned down the leadership position and instead took thee position as a teacher of the arcane arts. This was terrible news to Julian, they needed more then just him. A few temporary teachers could be found, but this is not what he had envisioned. A year later of searching, the Scion's Circle approached the Emperor and offered him a deal. They would find extraordinary people of his "academy", if he would allow it to be an independent organization from the Imperium. He was hesitant at first, but came to the conclusion that he could never find them himself. He agreed and within the year the Scion's Circle located and recruited enough candidates to run his group.   Astonished by this, Emperor Julian the II was over joyed. He assisted the incoming "heroes" and it wasn't long before the Academy was established on Ven 20, 908. While another crisis has not appeared, the Academy was a great success with them sending extraordinary people all over the Imperium to assist in matters and resolve conflict.

Demography and Population

Student Population: 65   41% Human: 26   23% Wolvan: 15   7% Aravitourus: 4   16% Scion: 10   5% Orc: 3   5% Elf: 3   3% Fexian: 2   1% Otterain: 1   These are approximations, we at the Archives don't keep track of their population as they are a separate entity from the Imperium. The percents were given to us by the Academy to record.
"I new a friend that was accepted in. He couldn't swing a sword or tie a knot, but his family was incredibly wealthy. I never wondered why he got in and I didn't."
— Assistant Corus.
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