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The Linguistic Code

An in-depth examination on language and how to translate them.

A book written by Herminia Renna on language and how to translate them.


The Linguistic Code was a book written by Herminia Renna as a guide and manual for all the known languages in the known world. The books describes what scholars refer to as the Herminia Lexicon in which all languages are connected and can be translated into any form of language using the Herminia Lexicon. For example, the phrase, "I will be home tomorrow." in Imperium Basic is not directly translatable to Ancient Tongue. However using the Herminia Lexicon, A direct translation can be made.   Inside the book are the general explanations for each language in Imperium Basic with their lettering and phonetics. The Herminia Lexicon, is also detailed in heavy detail with the algorithms need to translate the languages. At the end are several tips for recording a brand new language and translating into the lexicon.

Document Structure

Publication Status

First Edition published on 1098 in Imperium Basic

Historical Details


A ten year long project that Herminia worked on. She referenced old research and became multilingual. During her brief time at the Academy, she noticed the language barrier caused by having so many cultures there. When she left and began working for the Archives, she was assigned translating all the documents into Imperium Basic. With tons of work ahead of her, she discovered the similarities and made herself a reference then published it after a recommendation from a friend.  

"While the languages appear different, they are inherently all the same. They all want to communicate to others."
— - Archivist Renna

Public Reaction

Scholars were skeptical about the effectiveness of the lexicon, but found that is a great tool to help translators. However prose of slang are not translatable with the lexicon which has frustrated many.

"This is once of the best discoveries for the Imperium. Language has always been a problem and magic was the only reliable translator. I'm proud to have worked with on my team."
— - Head Archivist Octavian
Manual, Linguistic (Lexicon)
The Archives

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