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Nora's Guide to Spellcraft

Nora's Guide to Spellcraft was written by the powerful human arcanist Nora. She wanted to help the average person to be able to have the basic understandings of magic.


The guide was made to help instruct people on the proper techniques of spell casting. All six magic realms are detailed for extensive use from basic to advance tips. Well spell casting conjures up images of magicians using life magic or a illusionist using lunar magic. Spell casting applies to so much more then that and this book covers it.

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Historical Details


The 1st edition was published and widely purchased. Sadly due to the length of time to write these out, not many were made. This edition is widely regarded as the best edition because her writing was more theoretical and uncensored. It was not long before she made some enemies with her revolutionary book. An organization came to her and "suggested" changes to her work. She reluctantly agreed.   A few years after a 2nd was published and is widely regarded as the worse edition out of the three. Much of her content was changed or removed entirely, but she now had proper funding to distribute the book across the world. While it still was a fantastic book, it lacked several of her core ideas about magic in her original publication. This lasted for many years until her passing several years later.   The last edition made was co-written by her apprentice Oliver Walters. He took some of her left over research and added it to the book. this was a significant improvement to the 2nd it was not the original. This is the most widely used in the heart of the Imperium while the 2nd is still printed in distant lands.

Public Reaction

This book is used by nearly all users of magic throughout the world. It's detailed, yet simple for beginners. Before this book was published, texts on practical and theoretical magics were very rare and such was valued among many.


This single book revolutionized the research and study of magic for the entire world. Every student and teacher would have their own copy with their own little notes in the margins. Study of magic exploded among the youth for several years and more books were written to continue the research she started.

We used this book as a reference in all our research about magic. The general techniques of spellcasting are incredible sources of information for a novice. It's also an amazing read.
— Archivist Renna
Manual, Magical / Occult
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