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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the most influential or well-known book within your world.
A total of 138 entries

Archive of the Wéané'Elle

The Life of Molnet Beltyth, a Drow That Has Killed a God

Seeking Truth: A Journey of find Faith

Poitkens Almanach der viel-zu-vielen Dinge

Professor's Mourningfaun's Journals

The History of King Gautier Oweyn

The Catechisms of Adrudar

A Guide to the Lands and Cities of Errilor, and the Peoples that Inhabit Therein

Alfred's guide to different cultures

Mthunzi, The book of shadows

Maximilian Hoherberg von Zottehal’s History of the Known World

Entitentrigans Guide to Practical Magics

The End And it's Many Faces

Philosophiae Kineticae Principa Magica e Kinetica

On the Rights and Duties of Rulership

Glint, by Heinrich Thadeus Borgerat

Clandestine Arts of Duplicity and Disguise

The Combined Notes of The Dark Council

Moriticia Von Kemmler's Guide to the Everwild

An Introduction to Magic, vol. I-III

Ascension of the Deity: a treaties on Sainthood

Nora's Guide to Spellcraft

A Declaration of the Rights of the Worldly Peoples

Herbert's Handbook of Healing Herbs

The Manual of Care, Operation, and Handling for The Jupiter Message

"Essay on the essence of pan-centralism"

Surviving the Wilds: A Traveler's Guide to the Hyrulean Wilds

The Study of Capital Imposed upon the Masses; E.W. Richter (pub. 3. June, 1845 CE)