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Treatise of Peace

I had done much during the course of the war. Some will call that an understatement, but that is the most it has ever felt to me. That entire conflict was...tiring. In this aftermath, I could not help but think of why that all even happened, if there was something that we, as humanoid beings, had overlooked in our realities. To allow such occurrences to transpire and continue as it did. Some may argue my musings to be wasted considerations, for what is done is done. However, I believe otherwise. For all the unknown in the world, the constant we find in our proceedings is...humanity. And how humanity interacts within itself and this realm. I wish to say that a calamity on the scale of the Scourge has been rendered impossible, but I do not believe we, as an entire civilization, have reached that point of certainty.
— The Archmage Vyliar'faeien, circa. 3 2E


The Archmage Vyliar'faeien penned Treatise of Peace in the immediate following the end of the War of the Scourge, following the publication of an earlier manifesto in essay form. Treatise detailed the legendary archmage's ideas and plans for ensuring geopolitical peace throughout the continent of Varia, peace which he claimed was necessary to prevent a resurgence of the Scourge. Though not an official document endorsed by any established power in the early Second Era, the Vyliar'faeien intended the book to serve as a guide for present and future powers.

Historical Details


Treatise of Peace has been accredited with providing some basis for the establishment of the Avon Accords. Some of the Vyliar'faeien's ideas throughout the work have also appeared in the codes and policies of the Arcane Society and the Sabers as well as some geopolitical factions which arose during the Second Era. Every major city and library possesses a copy of the Treatise of Peace, and the book remains an exemplary source for study of Varian history, Second Era political culture, and political and legal theory.

Statement, Political (Manifesto)
Authoring Date
Circa. 10 2E

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