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The Hegemon's Review

also entitled "How to Not Get Killed as Fast in Bloodmarsh"

The Hegemon of the Rhaulite cantons instituted a sort of advice periodical and general almanac in 2250 which has been issued in new editions every 5ish years since then. The printing is handled in collaboration between the Shelan and Calimine cantons, which host the greatest wealth. The whole enormous project is handled largely by delegation and mail correspondence with contacts throughout Bloodmarsh and Mercaea.  


New editions are traditionally underwritten personally by the Hegemon, one of whose duties is to improve life in the Crotch by promulgating this vital tome at reasonable prices. The new edition is typically distributed at an MSRP of 75 gp, though caravans to the west accrue greater expenses and therefor apply greater fees to sales in the more distant settlements.   Older editions of the Review are often kept in libraries or bought at a discount by less prosperous groups or persons. Complete collections are known to exist in all major cities. Each edition contains a greater volume of new advice in addition to the updated travel charts, so the latest is always highly prized. However, the older content is still largely pertainant for at least the first three chapters.   A latest-edition copy is frequently ordered by each organization or township with sufficient funds, and kept at the library or, if none exists, the courthouse. At the same location is a ledger where folk may add collected data and document sightings to be transmitted back to the editors to possibly inform subsequent issues.  


Hereunder is listed a table of contents of the 2285 edition, which can be taken as prototype for the following issues.   Ch. 1: "Etiquette Regarding the Munane Folk"   Ch. 2: "Etiquette Regarding the Mystic Folk and Other Proven Battlefeild Tactics"   Ch. 3: "Protocol for Preventative Preparation," or, "Documentation and Forecasting"   Ch. 4: "Applicable Insults"   Ch. 5: "Foraging Without Undue Risk"   Ch. 6: "Antecedants to Probable Disaster," or, "Red Flag Events"   Appendix I: Sightings by Date and Location, with Approximated Contours to Savages' Domains   Appendix II: HMZ Fluctuations, with Selected Inset Maps   Appendix III: Recent Events in Brief


The Review includes handy chapters on not getting killed by magic radiation, not getting killed by wild natives out for human blood, not getting killed by roving dragons, and not getting killed by random strangers on the road. It's considered a great resource, in short, for those who have aspirations of longevity in the Crotch.
Guide, Survival

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