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Mthunzi, The book of shadows

This voluminous ancient book is filled with ancient magical writings. It is believed to be Fanyana's tome of spells that she sent to Avalan for her followers to study. Different reader will see different writtings on the pages, but for most, more than half of the book is completely blank. The deciphering of that book shaped arcane magic as it is today, but some says that a few saint of Fanyana discovered hidden meanings inside those pages, discovering powerfull magics that only them could use.
Only the highest member of the worshippers of Fanyana are allowed to read the book, but every follower knows the content of the very first page, a poem they often cite. It is believed to be the very base of her practice, and many think it hides a lot more than a warning.
It goes like this:

Do you my child understand
The forces that made you stand?
It is nor bravery nor confidence
Those illusions with wich you dance
But the fear of realizing
that true power is terrifying
Now hear my call and be cautious
For magic is wild and ferocious
And when you think you grasp it all
Death will come and reap it all

The basic meaning of this poem is to act as a warning. Fanyana is the ancestor spirit of fear, but also the mother of magic, and this is her way of warning civilisation to always exert caution when handling magical forces, for it is an absurd power defying the very laws of the world and thus can always have an unpredictable outcome.


This book was left on the material plane by Fanyana, the ancestor spirit of fear and the mother of magic. By its study, civilization started to comprehend the basics of magic and then developped it to where it stands today. This book contains many magic related secrets, but also a warning against the danger of such high power.

Manuscript, Magical (Tome/Scroll)
Signatories (Characters)
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