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Human Moral Superiority

This book was written around the time of the Mille Agreement and puts forward all the arguments used to justify why humans should rule over the Supernatural races. The author of Human Moral Superiority was not, as would have been expected, a human. He was a vampire by the name Gregorius Ölf, and he was violently killed by other vampires when they realised what he had done (and his death was extensively reported and used as further proof that Gregorius was right and Supernaturals really were dangerous savages).   The fact that the book was written by a Supernatural was in itself used as “proof” that the book spoke the truth. After all, if even Supernaturals acknowledge that they are violent, power-hungry, and dangerous if left to their own devices, it would be humanity’s duty to control those powerful entities.   Centuries after its publication, Human Moral Superiority is mandatory reading in schools around the world and is the most translated book in existence. Children (human and Supernaturals alike) are fed its narrative of the fair-minded humans and their quest for justice when the greedy Supernaturals almost destroyed the world in their quest for absolute power. Only schools in the Northern Kingdom tend to offer a critical analysis of the book’s content and question whether its arguments really hold true, particularly in the modern world. On the other hand, in the Western Republic the book’s word is a sstrictly adhered to as law, and was in fact used as basis for most of the current law code regarding the Supernaturals living within the Western Republic.   Human Moral Superiority made the news recently when its publishers (located in the Southern Empire) announced they would make a modernised summarised version of the book, with its text translated into emojis so that an even younger demographic could be made aware of its contents. The move was criticised by Supernaturals as indoctrination and by scholars as a disrespect to the finest piece of written language ever produced. This did not deter the publishers, however, and the new emoji version of the book already sold millions of copies.


To prove once and for all that humans were the only ones fit to control the world.

Text, Philosophical

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