SC - In libro De scientia

In libro De scientia is a book, or rather a book series created by the scientific organisation of Mensus, this book series is supposed to contain every single information mankind has gathered.   It is already at twenty volumes and the scientific organisation still sees no end to it.   Each Volume concerns itself with one aspect of orcerta, such as Flora, Fauna or Politics. Every volume is limited to 500 pages and as such, the categories get cycled through. New categories for the books to have can be added by writing the scientific organisation of mensus and explaining why this category would need its own volume.   The newest category is the "Prosa" category which lists, analyzes and shows the literary works from all over orcerta.   However, most of the time the In libro De scientia concerns itself with more scientific topics such as technological advancements. Even volumes regarding animals and plants most often analyze them in a very scientific way.   By now the first few volumes are considered the one and only lecture material on schools in mensus and also found their way into the schools of other capital cities.


Its purpose is to have a collection of all knowledge that mankind possesses and to make it accessible to everyone on orcerta.

Document Structure


Nearly every other book of importance is mentioned in here in one or another way

Publication Status

Every Book is directly copied after it got

Legal status

This book got approved by the most knowledgeable people of orcerta and even as a literary work of significant importance from the outer balance council

Historical Details


Scientists all over orcerta wanted one unionised way to retain information and to get information from. This is how the idea of the In libro De scientia came to be.

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