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Surviving the Wilds: A Traveler's Guide to the Hyrulean Wilds

Surviving the Wilds: A Traveler's Guide to the Hyrulean Wilds is a survival guide written by the Journeyman Society to help travelers of all kinds move about the land of Hyrule. The book itself is filled with all the information a traveler would need to know about Hyrule, both its civilizations and its wilds, and is the most purchased book in all the land. While a new edition is pushed out every year to make sure that its information is as accurate as possible, any edition contains enough wisdom to get the average traveler from place to place safely.


The guide was created to help the people of Hyrule avoid danger while traveling around the wilds of Hyrule and has expanded to include information about the land's ever-expanding society.

Book Structure

Surviving the Wilds is separated into two major parts: The Wilds and Hyrulean Society. Each section is broken up into chapters that are filled with facts, tidbits, and visual aids to help travelers understand exactly where to go, how to get there, what to bring, what to avoid, end more.  

The Wilds

The Wilds chapter is all about exactly what it says on the tin: the wilds of Hyrule. This is the most popular section among explorers, and anyone worth their salt in a variety of fields such as archaeology religiously consults it. It contains everything from geographical landmarks to ruins, bodies of water to land areas, and, most importantly, information about monsters.  


Although many of the monsters of the land disappeared after Calamity Ganon's defeat, there are still a few that plague the land, including all the giant monsters that are the most dangerous of all. This section contains information such as the last known locations of such monsters, their threat level, and what to do if confronted by one.  


All of Hyrule is split into several different regions, and this section goes into depth about each one on things such as its climate, size, and geography, as well the different creatures that can be found (and if and how they can be eaten if the occasion necessitates it).  
This is another popular section as mountain-climbing has become a pastime in post-Calamity society. This section contains everything one needs to know about all the most popular mountains in Hyrule. Did you know that there are over 100 mountains in Hyrule? The average person doesn't, but they will after reading about it here!  
Can you swim? Most non-Zora can't, so this section is here to help travelers learn about bodies of water and how to get across them, or even if it's possible to cross them.  
Animal lovers of all kinds, whether in the educational, hunter, or culinary sense, flock to this section to learn about the various wild animals, fish, insects, etc. of Hyrule. For example, did you know that the Gerudo Desert sand seal and the Molduga desert monster are similar in that they get around by feeling vibrations in the sand? You do now!  


No guide would be complete without talking about the natural wonders of the world, so this is the section for it. Everything from the Springs of the Goddess to the ancient Great Skeletons are listed in this section.  

Hyrulean Society

This chapter delves into the all the man-made settlements, structures, and businesses that a traveler would need to know about on their journey. Because the Hylian kingdom is still expanding, this is the chapter that is updated the most in each new edition.  


From the greatest cities to the smallest hamlets, this section goes into depth about all the settlements of Hyrule. Population, government, laws, points of interest, best places to eat as voted on by fellow travelers, this section has it all!  


Considered one of the most important organizations in all of Hyrule, the Stable Association has an entire section dedicated to it in the guide. Any and all stables are listed here, as well as all the amenities each contain and basic information about the people who run them.  

The Traveler Shrines Challenge

Are you a fan of the Champion of Hyrule? Would you like to retrace his hero's journey? Then look no further than this section! Everything you need to know about Traveler Shrines and the challenge itself are contained in this section, such as their general locations, what each shrine represents, and what facilities each contains. There's also information about how to design your own sticker and where to order them so that all who partake in the challenge can leave their mark behind.   While Surviving the Wilds does have a wealth of information about the shrines themselves, those who are serious about the challenge have been known to reference it along with The Hero's Journey: An Explorer's Guide to the Traveler Shrine Challenge by LinK Farrowday.

Historical Details


In 003 E.C., the Journeyman Society was started by a group of travel enthusiasts that wanted to help fellow travelers get around safely, thus Surviving the Wilds: A Traveler's Guide to the Hyrulean Wilds was born. What started as a small project that was first published in a pamphlet soon blew up into a multi-edition booklet and is a household name everywhere, thanks in no small part to information that the Journeyman Society was able to extract from the Hero and master traveler himself, who at the time had the most accurate and up-to-date map of the world.

Public Reaction

Almost immediately, the guide took off in popularity, even back when it was just a pamphlet that contained less than 5,000 words of information and a few disjointed map sketches. The book outsold its stock within two weeks, and almost everyone who was dedicated to travel had one in their back pocket.


To this day, the guide is reference by amateurs and professionals alike. All stables stock them for sale, and the Hyrule Public Library makes sure to update its stock to the latest edition to help those who can't afford to purchase a personal copy.


Each edition is considered current from the day it is published until the very day the next edition comes out, which is usually reserved for the second Earthday of Sprina.
Guide, Survival
Authoring Date
The first edition was published on 16 Spr 003 E.C.
Expiration Date
Expires when a new edition is published

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