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Kai | Member Since 16 Feb, 2018
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kai || 21 || they / them | he / him | she / her   im a pixel artist who enjoys fantasy and horror genres!

Interests & Hobbies

Collecting things, birds, animal care, monsters/cryptids, plushies/stuffed animals, creepypasta/ARGs/horror or surreal webseries, The Magnus Archives, Welcome to Nightvale

Favorite Movies

Horror films in general, Phantom of the Paradise, Beetlejuice, Return to Oz, The Lost Boys, the Jaws franchise, the Jurassic Park franchise, the Bill and Ted franchise, the Re-Animator franchise, Krampus, Universal Classic Monsters films, Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Favorite TV Series

The Strain, Stranger Things, Gravity Falls, Gotham, The Kirlian Frequency, Gregory Horror Show, The Midnight Gospel, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Favorite Books

House of Leaves, The Raven Cycle series, The Strain trilogy, Black Winter series, Special Agent Pendergast series

Favorite Games

Night in the Woods, OneShot, FAITH, Smile for Me, Stardew Valley, Roblox, The Evil Within, Undertale, Minecraft, FNAF, The Stanley Parable, Portal and Portal 2, Dead by Daylight, IMSCARED, lots of RPGmaker titles i can't be bothered to list, Among Us, A Short Hike