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Archive of the Wéané'Elle

One of the few written records from the Forgotten Age still in existence. The Archives of the Wéané'Elle chronicle the names of every person, elf or other, to have completed the virtue trials and sworn the Oaths of the Wéané'Elle. The most culturally significant document to the elves of Soala'Sar (Soala'Elle), The Archives represent the long history since the founders of the colony.

Historical Details


The Wéané'Elle were a group of elves that survived the fracturing of the Red Elf Empire. These elves were a collection of devout followers of the Greater Elven Pantheon (now known as the Five Divine) and would vow to recreate their society so that it more closely followed the virtues of the Gods. At some point during the final millennium of the Forgotten Age the Wéané'Elle forged the great arch, Mawa'Rynwael, and with it started the Archive of the Wéané'Elle.


All those who pass through Mawa'Rynwael are temporarily transported to another world where they live out seven alternative histories, each representing the Virtues of the Divines. Those who prove themselves capable of completing each of the seven trials are returned to the real world, and any who can not may never be seen again.   When a trial goer proves themselves and pass completely through Mawa'Rynwael, they become bound to the Oaths of the Wéané'Elle:  
  1. Never to tell a lie.
  2. Never to kill out of malice.
  3. Never to abuse magic for personal gain
  Once one is bound to these oaths, their name is recorded into the Archives of the Wéané'Elle. Throughout the ages, only a relative few have made it into the Archives and thus cementing themselves in the histories of the Elves.
Record, Historical
Authoring Date
After 1000 EF

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