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Once great and wide-reaching, Mava'Valia is believed to have fallen in approximately ~7500 FA. All that remains of the old Elven civilization are scattered ruins and ancient relics.


Perhaps the oldest and largest empire in history, the Mava'Elle held land across most of Miras and parts of Akaris. The Mava'Elle grew their empire through the powers of a large protective pantheon of gods. These gods would guard the Elves and fight alongside them in their wars, making sure their civilization grew and grew. Conquering other nations, taking slaves, and cementing their empire.   Over time, the Mava'Elle came to take their divine protectors for granted and did not notice that one god began to grow upset at the Elves for their arrogance. Eventually that god would betray the Elves and leave the pantheon becoming an enemy of the empire. The fallen god would cause so much chaos and destruction that the other gods would attempt to intervene, but through cunning and trickery the fallen god would destroy them one by one.   After a period of continual decline, the elves realized that their gods were no longer able to protect them. In a final effort to defeat the fallen god the last of the Mava'Elle leaders banded together to seal him away. While the attempt was successful, it came too late as the Empire was never able to recover.


“I am High Priestess Veera of the Mava'Valia.” Veera boasts with pride, but at the apparent lack of reaction from Karl or Ambrose she seems to deflate momentarily. “But alas, it appears the Empire is no longer. I suppose just Veera will do for now.”
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In the Forgotten Age
Geopolitical, Empire
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