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Ruins of the Lantern

The Ruins of the Lantern are a collection of ancient, crumbling structures, many centuries old and long forgotten to time. It rests on the outskirts of a small frontier village at the edge of the kingdom of Illivan, isolated from the world. It has currently been overrun by a nasty goblin infestation; their rank tunnels and disgusting hovels are a ramshackle and unstructured addition to the ancient ruins. The Ruins of the Lantern once housed the Lantern, Seal of Ogorian, before Ambrose Fran├žois discovered it and later released Ogorian to the world.

Purpose / Function

The Ruins were constructed countless centuries ago by the forgotten civilization of the Mava'Elle. The building is vast, even if one ignores the tunnels and caves added by the goblins, though Ambrose is the only man to have ventured into it in living memory. It is unknown if its sole purpose was to house or guard the Lantern, though the absence of wards and other traps makes this an even more puzzling mystery.   A long hallway in the center of the Ruins once led to the Lantern. It is decorated by ancient murals, at first depicting a crowd surrounding an object or person, and, after the removal of the Lantern, rough and abstract black marks around a large, unblinking eye. At the end of the hallway, the Lantern rested on an unassuming stone pedestal in an otherwise empty room.


Abandoned for millennia, the Ruins of the Lantern became eroded beyond recognition. Pillars and rooms have collapsed completely making certain areas of the ruins inaccessible. While the outer decorations of the ancient temple are still present, they are so worn away that they are so barely visible.


The temple was once a pyramid in the style typical of the Mava'Valia Empire, but the stone ruin has eroded so extremely that it more closely resembles a lump above a wide stone base.
~8000 EF
Temple / Religious complex
Owning Organization
Featured in: Session #1: Outside the Frontier Village

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