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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a building that was once a grand place, but is now ruined.
A total of 154 entries

Lost to the Sands: The Seat of the Saantari

Flying Fortress of Lead Glass

The Ruins of Castle Valtus

Birdfolk Temple (rename)

El Gran Templo de los Nefakhi

The Evik Central Library

The Grand Temple of Io, Sunken

Sunken City of Altheras - Grand Cathedral

BAHALCRY, the Fallen City

The Great Step-Pyramid of Queni

Ruined Temple of A Forgotten Time

Telventis Divine Laboratory

To the Pyramids of Arkamanthali on Camel-Back

Ruines de la cité de Haran

The Grand Temple of Aarelia, Goddess of Dusk

Vorchrest, Castle of the Sky

The Palace of The Lord Protector - Gant

The Fortress Tower of Eodhra Dana