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Describe a building that was once a grand place, but is now ruined.
157 in total

The articles


The carved city

Station 0

Miracle Baths

Lost to the Sands: The Seat of the Saantari

SC - Ruin of Kauhu

The Fallen Island of Kaihua

Ruins of the Lantern

Starred Church

The Crimson Campanile

Lower bath house

The Pride of Scepta

The Aurora Port

Library of sacred knowledge

Haerford Palace

Flying Fortress of Lead Glass

The Temple of Lamia

Dragoncrest ruins

Sos do Taald

Ruin World City

The Ruins of Castle Valtus

Birdfolk Temple (rename)

The Temple-Shrine of Bechlea

Temple dels dracs


Palace of Dust

El Gran Templo de los Nefakhi

Great Ruins of Kisko

Fort Edgemourn

Rogas house

The Palace of Shade

Library of An-Kavash

Ironhedge's Keep

Light's Folly

Terra's Peak Shrine

The Grand Mall

Castle Rend

Turm der Clearscribes

Shai's Temple

Keahi Spire

Blasted Forts

Grand Temple of the Divine

The Profaned Cathedral

The Grand Library

House of the Golden Rose

The Ruins of Solara

Freedom's Rampart

The Lost Beacon

The Ider Ruins

Sanctum of Science

Temple de Sharân

Noreja Castle

The Evik Central Library

Ansaran Sul

Temple of the Dragon

Pearl Necklace

The Gladius Estate

Shrine of Alene

The Last Tower of Lost Avallen

Sweet Trillium Manor

Marjoko City Lord's Hall

The Grand Temple of Io, Sunken

Cliff Stairs

Cathedral of Heroics

The Eastern Node

The Tower at Dunlee

M'ag ně kwe-azar

Ruined Palace

Temple to the Seasons

The Heart of Katiri

The Riders' Tower

Der Sitz der Götter

Sunken City of Altheras - Grand Cathedral

Palace of Saron

Saito Palace

Dwjûtan Academy Ruins

Grand Library, Hamat'e

The Oasis Fortress

Tomb of Netehiri


Ruins of West Edmonton Mall

The Ruined Castle Ravenloft

Trade Center of Cuidad Uno

Temple of the Sun

The Withermarsh Ruins

The Hya Battlecruiser

Coliseum Ruins

BAHALCRY, the Fallen City

Moyellian Palace

Kassila Community Hall

The Whispering Island

Feather Mountain

The Citadel of the Sun

The Palace of Sorallis

Sandholm Palace

The Heart of Progress

Tower of Howling Winds

The Bone Court

The Great Step-Pyramid of Queni

The Rose City

Tower Palace

Ruined Temple of A Forgotten Time

Aescere Hast Wreck

Castle Tantibus

Telventis Divine Laboratory

Drow Elven Castle Ruins

The Golden Dome

Alwaq Alddayie

Temple to All Gods

Chateau de Morts

To the Pyramids of Arkamanthali on Camel-Back

The Golden Palace

Watau Fort

Vanaheim Citadel


The Sanmire Estate

Tower of the Lord of Dust

Sutol Derei

Ruines de la cité de Haran

The Grand Temple of Aarelia, Goddess of Dusk

Temple to the Banishers of Apep

Vorchrest, Castle of the Sky

The tree of harmony

The Spire of Regnum

West point keep

The Grand Palace of Mosat

The Palace of The Lord Protector - Gant

The Fortress Tower of Eodhra Dana

Ravali, the Great Forge

Temple of the Dead Gods

The ruined mines of Karta

The Omni Forum

Kuai’ain Palace

Die Dunstwacht

The Grand Chapel


Sinking Temple

Tempest Cathedrial

The Red Sunset Spire

Republic House

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