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Palaf Kron

The Palaf Kron was the palace of Heor the Spear, king of the Heoringas long ago. It was abandoned when he was driven back across the Tiril Bridge, and has never been re-entered.

Purpose / Function

The Palaf Kron was built as the king's residence, a grand palace that showed his power and wealth. It was also meant to serve as the location where his commanders would meet in times of war.


The Palaf Kron is made of a pale yellowish stone brought from the north, the only example of its kind found in Aressa. It is rather simple in design, surrounded by a square outer wall about one foot thick and seven feet tall, with a gate at the eastern end. Within the outer walls were many gardens and orchards, as well as several low, square buildings to house the king's guard and his guests. The central palace rises more than fifty feet from the ground, and was once decorated with tall stained-glass windows, patterns of gold on the walls, and gems set in each corner. However, the riches of the palace have been plundered over the centuries, and the building is much plainer today. The palace is the only building to have a sloped roof, from which four towers rise at each corner. These towers are only slightly taller than the roof's peak, and hold the royal family's bedrooms.


As Heor the Spear swept across Aressa, he led his army from the front. However, he wished to plan for the future, and so had the Palaf Kron built beginning in 910. The building was completed in 913, but he never resided within it, as his army was defeated and he was forced back across the Tiril Bridge. The Palaf Kron was looted, and many decorations were torn from the walls.   In future years, treasure hunters often came to the Palaf Kron in hopes of finding some hidden wealth overlooked by the looters. At first they were successful, stripping the walls completely and removing even the windows to sell to collectors. Legends spread that Heor had hidden a great treasure inside the building, but none were ever able to find it, and with the visible treasures gone, the building was soon completely abandoned. For four hundred years now it has lain empty and deserted, and not even the remaining northerners enter its gate.

Abandoned in the early 920s.

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