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Lost to the Sands: The Seat of the Saantari

Deep in Quor there is a ruined city, a ruined city that was once the seat of an empire, its base and center of power. But that was long ago in ages now past when the Saantari Empire still controlled the desert of Quor and clashed with the Danitharn Monarchy. Now it is nothing more than a crumbling fortress, half-buried by the shifting sands. However untold magics, knowledge, and artifacts are lost within its depths attracting the likes of adventurers, explorers, and even the warlord Wickt Red.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Seat of the Saantari was to be the capital of their empire and to house all their magical knowledge. It was a fortress and a library, a citadel and a vault of knowledge. And so it was for a long time till after the armies of the Saantari clashed with the Monarchy's armies a nomad came to the city.


Besides being partly buried beneath the sands of Quor, no changes have been made to Elmaran. However lately Wickt Red has settled in the upper levels and has begun renovating it as his personal chambers.


It was made after the first Saantari Emperor united the tribes to be his seat of power. And so it was for many, many years till after the continent spanning war between the sorcerer warriors of the Saantari and the sunsteel-clad knights of the Danitharn. As the Saantari retreated they felt an uneasiness come over them. And when they returned to Elmaran they fought everyone slaughtered and partially devoured. On the throne waited a dragonborn but a monstrous one. Hungry and unaffected by magic he set about slaughtering the remaining forces of the Saantari and eating every mage left and so the Saanatari were ended by one being.
Alternative Names
Elmaran, the Golden City
Owning Organization

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