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Haunt: the Continent of Altir

Doomed, haunting, and dark. All these words define the world of Haunt. To those who live there it is continent Altir, and sweeping and vastly different landscape. Far to the north is Deadreach, a realm of frigid storms and unyielding mountains, ruled by savagery and those with the will to survive. south of the Kargorn mountains in Deadreach is the Bay of Kings, and tamer region than Deadreach but not by much. The march that surrounds this land is dominated by rolling, rocky hills and streams that flow to the Bay. To the east of here there is Mazrin or known by many: the Endless plains. Mazrin is a vast, cold savanna that is marred by the many past wars of Altir. Further south are the regions of Quor, the desert peninsula, and Fal Morum, the Forest of Graves. And on the southern tip of Altir are the Drowned Lands, the land of a thousand lakes. Off that southern coast is the island chain known as Elhokar, the land of the secretive, isolated, and terrifying Elhokarn.


The north of Haunt is a rocky unforgiving place. Mountains and hills dominate the landscape but that quickly turns into the wide open grasslands and plains of Mazrin. Very little trees and rivers grace the Endless Plains making it just as inhospitable as the north.   Then we come to Fal Morum. This massive forest is the most feared place in Altir not just because of its inhabitants- the morbid elves- but because the very trees will eat you.    The final two regions are separated by a large mountain range which is why the differ so much. Quor is a large desert with sparse jungle in the north of it that is subject to the harsh winds from the sea. On the other hand the Drowned Lands are just that, a land covered in water. The highlands give way to marshes, fens, and lakes down it the valleys.

Fauna & Flora

All types of plants and animals call Haunt their home from the rock trolls of the north to the manticores of Mazrin. From the carnivorous trees of Fal Morum to the giant insects of Quor. All life thrives on Altir but all things die and in Haunt they do much more quickly so expect much of the plants and animals of haunt to be tougher, more ferocious, and hardier versions of what we have on earth.

Natural Resources

The north lands abound with minerals and ore: gold, iron, silver, and the coveted durithil. Quor is known for is jashite and salt mines while the Drowned Lands have discovered gunpowder. In Fal Morum they use the bones of their dead and the bones of more ancient creatures

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Age of Ancients

4 5

An age where the giants and dragons are undisputed rulers. The other races live in fear.

  • 4

    Dragon Invasion of Altir
    Disaster / Destruction

    The dragon horde of Ortum invades Altir seeking more wealth, power, and people to enslave.

2nd Age of Man

12 13

The Danitharn Monarchy comes to power.

  • 12

    The King's March

    The King's March was when Sar Danitharn the First left the Drowned Lands in search of a new land that was not governed by chaos and controlled by the egos of squabbling lords.   In an unprecedented act, one that has never be recreated, Sar Danitharn and his host of scholar-knights and war-mages braved Fal Morum. Despite the efforts of the wild elves and the forest itself, Sar Danitharn, his men, and their families would survive. They would reach a new land soon to be named after the grand event: Kingsmarch.

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Age of Conflict

14 and beyond

  • 14

    The Day of Black Blood

    On the Day of Black Blood, the slaves of the Danitharn Monarchy's largest durithil mine revolted. Led by the man who would become Calder Blackblood, the slaves attacked their guards. In the ensuing chaos Calder decapitated Arno Danitharn the 15th with the Danitharn's own sword.   As the Danitharn's blood mixed with the mud, rebels stormed the fort and killed the royal family. Thus The line of Danitharn's ended and the power to rule transferred to the regents.   The rebels would go on to liberate many more slaves before retreating to the great plains of Mazrin.

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