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Errow, Citadel of Heroes

In the region of Kingsmarch by the Bay of Kings there is a city. But not just any city, a grand one, surrounded by a bastion of stone with a myriad of banners flying overhead. This citadel is Errow, the City of Banners and Citadel of Heroes, and it is ruled by a god.   That god is Arris, goddess of Battles and Honor. She rules Errow with her aasimar and in her city she holds massive tournaments: Jousting, sword fights, archery, smithing contests, even full-scale mock sieges and battles. Every tournament is meant to give glory-seekers and warriors the chance to test their mettle and prove who is the best, the strongest, the most honorable. And so thousands if not millions flock to Errow's walls to see the multitude of banners flapping in the wind and to participate in the games.


Everyone comes to Errow to test their mettle and to ask for boons from Arris but mostly northerners, dwarves, kaza, and southerners come to the city.


The government of Errow is run by a god, specifically Arris goddess of war, honor, and battles, and her aasimar attendants.


Errow is a massive walled citadel with its back guarded by coastal cliffs and the front is a steep hill with no cover for approaching or attacking armies.

Industry & Trade

Errow's trade thrives on the multitude of games and contests that adventurers and warriors participate in. These travelers will need lodging and food, their mounts will need stables, their arms and armor will need repairs, and they will need medicine and healing after so many contests.   As such the main pofessions in Errow are hotel managers, blacksmiths, healers.


Errow has a multitude blacksmiths, tailors, horse stables, armorers, weapon shops, really anything to do with fighting and maintaining a warrior’s equipment. There is also a dock and shipyard, sewers, massive courtyards, soaring towers, and windmills.


Sometime in the last age the gods died. The survivors of what every calamity befell them descended to Haunt. There were four: Elistar, Yor, Crosis, and Arris. Each founded a city and people flocked to each one. These became known as the God-Cities. Arris' city, Errow is in the region of Kingsmarch on the coast of the Bay of Kings.


Errow is a citadel. Each building was made with a purpose so its architecture is very spartan and utilitarian.   Still the city has a simple, martial beauty to it especially with the vast array of banners that fly over the city, whipping in the ocean wind.


Errow is set high atop a hill that gives way to coastal cliffs on the Bay of Kings
Alternative Name(s)
the Citadel of Heroes, City of Banners
The population of Errow is actually quite small for such a grand city
Inhabitant Demonym
none; but if any- heroes

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