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Fal Morum, Forest of Graves

The most impressive landmark of Haunt is not a building but a place, a forest in fact. That forest is Fal Morum, home of the elves, and it is as terrifying as it is beautiful. Its trees grow for eternity and reach skyward for miles. The creatures that lurk in its depths are all predators in some form or another. It is the last resting place of the Primordials, great beings that supposedly forged and shaped the lands of Altir, whose bones litter the forest. All mortals who dare enter it face the wrath of the elves and die. None have survived.

Purpose / Function

There is no purpose to Fal Morum except to kill those who enter it and strengthen those who live there. Everything in the forest from the animals to the elves to the very trees and plants has adapted to survive and to kill. Animals are savage and cunning predators. The elves use all resources at their disposal, even the bodies of their fallen to survive. Trees that can't reach the light feed on flesh and blood for nutrients. All in all Fal Morum is a deadly place. The most deadly in all of Haunt.


Besides deep in the forest where the elves make their homes among the skeletons of the fallen Primordials and out of the bones of their fallen kin, the forest remains the same as it has since its birth. The trees continue to grow unceasingly, the animals hunt and die, and the elves kill all trespassers.


The only architecture to speak of in Fal Morum is that of the elves. And that is morbid and dark. The elves are obsessed with death and the Covenant and their architecture reflects that. They carve houses from the bones of the Primordials and make more from the bones of their dead. Their style is a sinister sloping of carved bone.


Fal Morum was born from the blood of the dead Primordials. Seeds lapped up the blood and there grew a forest, an undying forest that would grow for ever. Soon the elves moved in making their homes among the trees and bones and they became the undisputed masters of Fal Morum. None who entered their forest lived unless they wanted to. All expect one. That was Lord Sar Danitharn the 1st, the future founder of the Danitharn Monarchy. He and his entourage of war mages and wizard knights bested the elves and blazed a trail through Fal Morum to the Bay of Kings. This act became know as the Kingsmarch.
Alternative Names
The Forest of Graves, the Forest of the Dead, Home of the Elves
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