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Describe the most impressive landmark in your world.
221 in total

The articles

The Hearth Spire

The Founder

Muralla en el Fin del Mundo


Fal Morum, Forest of Graves

Circus of Wonders

Alver-ren Massiv

The Great Cnomon

The Temple of Aquldis

The Symposium

World Anchor

Tower du Honore

The Grand Temple of Lytikós at Kyngbyk

The Glass Tower

Laicha Mountain Range

Sanctuary Stadium

Aldr K-kep

Lighthouse of Taave

The Singing Tower of the Forgotten City of Kokka

The Dunes

Ushulku Palace

The Bridge of Books

Royal Treasury of Kings

Frostbite Bastion

Aarsingør Statues

The Smoky Palace

Scar of the Cataclysm

The Great Palace of the Triumphant Return

Eboncrest Keep

Badlands - Mar Genyon

The Burning Scar

The Highest Possible Tower

The Flickering Mountain

M'ag ně azar

Stormsea Light

The crystal spire

Sacrosanct Temple of Ehwea

Gorge of Lament

The Lighthouse

Enviem Forest

Institute (Fragment)

Fiddler's Green

Oblivion City

The Great Lens

The Entrance of Demons

Seraphim Falls

The Singing Forest

Colossus of Athena

The Crystal Field

The Snow Manor

The Dragon Mine

The Black Lake

The Bridge of Middle Ground

The Imperial Palace

The Old Road

The Magnificent Spire of Rahn

Heart of the Forest

Cathedral of Tiamat

Av'than Kalenta

About: The Nightmare Inn

The Cliffs

The Shackles

The Empyrean Belt

Gate of wonder

Primeval Sites

Windmere Whistles aka "Singing Stones"

Astros' Descent

Pillars of Alcides

Palace of Cinder

The Spire of the Unseen

Meld's Crater

The Adamantine City


Aunt Gudda's House for Boarders

Drakear's Corpse

North Peninsula Beacon

Strax Monolith

The Castle of Aolok

Square of Purity

Tower of Babel

Shrine to Favour

The Bonewastes

Phoebe's Memorial

The Labyrinth of Apocalypse

The Tower

Estatua colosal de Vilas, Juez de las Almas

Redhawk Halls

The Ancestral Tree

The Screeching Throne

The Pearl

The Bridgeport at Vasserai

Mother's Embrace

The Library of Lantana

Great Crossroads Statue

The Scorched Empress

Sunshaper Plains

Paiynion Cave

Ruined Ruins

Ivory Tower

La Tour du Savoir | The Tower of Knowledge

Royal Palace of Ptakpi


The Viridescent Tower

Empreinte des dieux

Throne of the Central Emperors

The Crystal Spire

The Everblight forest

Courtyard of Statues

Ekapsa Fasten

Talahki Castle

Malephesh's Tear

The Red Forest

Eagle Eye Tower

The Droch Relics

The statue of roga

The Black Lake

The Changing Gate

The Mindwrack Gorge

Gaïa Station

The Great Baths of Syzot

The High Rock

The Spine of The World

The Great Door of Dhegh Kahldur

The Ministerial Palace

Piray Salt Flats

The Glorious Throne

Qurtujah, the Great City

Great Wall of the Desert

Pearl Gates (S2)

Tree of the Omoikane

The Old Courthouse

Saint Kebria's Mask

Gille-Kalem Castle


The Graveyard of Heroes

Prison for the unworthy

Elysion Shrine

The Breathing Stones

Temple of Wraak

Star of Dimet

The Broken Snake

The Champions Arena

The Ruins of Thüm Seel

The Garden of Prophecy and Memory

The White Castle

The Grand Library of Lidaidi

The Aurora Garden

Ruins of Bolormaa

Aescere Hast

The Maw of Vølsræz

GODMARK, The World Wound

The Asteroid City

The Dowulaheet /dɔwulahiʈ/ Tunnels

Asur's Fall

Elysium Force-Field Generator

The Oasis

Abbey of the Unceasing Tide

Effigy of Asyied

Mount Dau-Sajhrashi

The High Retreat

The Sapling Shrine

Misty Grotto Inn & Tavern

The Tansidhelan

The Piercing Spire

Verdant Keep

Temple of the Moon

The Face of Finn

Temple of Danamiya

The Sentinels' Vigil

Tower at the centre of the world

The Great Library of Adris Eleos

The Pillar of Progress (Pillar of Perseverance)

The Grand Rookery

The Guardians

C.A.P.S. Headquarters & Main Branch

The Great Oracle

The Guardian

The Weeping Stone

The Gelaal Mountains

Cone of Trandit

The Tolling Tower

Merlis Palace

The Cauldron

Temple of a Thousand Faces

The Indus and Orimiri

Cairn of Beauties

The Greeting Stone

Palais d'Or

Iron Channel

The Clockwork Tower

Palace of the Dragon

Torres de Skafrontse

The Crystal pits of Kazrak

Heartforge of Iskaldhal

Gateway to Heaven

The Crypt of Ageradim

Library of the Moon

The Wall of Tears

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