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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the most impressive landmark in your world.
A total of 215 entries

Muralla en el Fin del Mundo

The Grand Temple of Lytikós at Kyngbyk

The Singing Tower of the Forgotten City of Kokka

The Great Palace of the Triumphant Return

The Highest Possible Tower

The Bridge of Middle Ground

Windmere Whistles aka "Singing Stones"

Aunt Gudda's House for Boarders

Estatua colosal de Vilas, Juez de las Almas

La Tour du Savoir | The Tower of Knowledge

The Spine of The World

The Great Door of Dhegh Kahldur

The Garden of Prophecy and Memory

GODMARK, The World Wound

The Dowulaheet /dɔwulahiʈ/ Tunnels

Abbey of the Unceasing Tide

Misty Grotto Inn & Tavern

Tower at the centre of the world

The Pillar of Progress (Pillar of Perseverance)

C.A.P.S. Headquarters & Main Branch