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The Adamantine City

One of the few pieces of the fallen Falmalin empire remaining above ground, this city was overtaken by a lava flow and is now partially submerged in adamantine. It is located inside of the Morgmon mountain range within a large pit carved out in the middle of this mountain range. Parts of this city have been claimed by the Cthusian as a national interest and are working on uncovering all of the knowledge they can, other parts of the city have been claimed by the dwarven halls for the adamantine resources. The strange alien architecture of the Falmalin empire makes this a highly sought after visit for tourists and researchers alike, although only the tallest of buildings are peaking out of the adamantine flow.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of this city is currently unknown to the world, and is one of the reasons that everyone is so interested in it. There is no clear reason for it to be here. Most cities have an obvious purpose such as a mining city, trading, farming. Curiously along with its lack of purpose it originally had no easy entrance to the city itself, just a shear cliff leading down to this city. This has lead to many theories about this being a sort of monastic temple, a secret research center, or a safe haven for criminals.


Since the discovery of the city, the Cthusian's have been working on entering the city through windows and searching the city through the buildings and excavating from the top down. The dwarven hall nearby is unconcerned with most of the study and research of the city and are more interested in mining the adamantine and are methodically mining through the bottom of this fallen city. There has been semi permanent research and mining camps set up around the city, and in order to make access easier into the city there have been lifts created to allow easier, albeit limited capacity transport into and out of this ruin.


The strange spires that make up this city seem to be made out of a strange purple black stone covered in glittering runes. The stone was not carved out, but seems to have been have always looked this way. Perhaps it was formed by magic, grown out of the ground itself, or perhaps through large molds having molten rock poured into them. Whatever the way it was created it has created a strange alien beauty that captures the eye.


Currently trying to be worked out by researchers.

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