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The Tansidhelan

30 August, 298 6c.

Today I might have just seen the most beautiful sight in all the north, and I don't mean that lightly. I never thought that anything would beat the view of the sea out of Port Ten Emerit, but even that seems almost plain compared to the Tansidhelan. Maybe it was only because we sailed by just after a dusk-storm broke, but I swear the tower glowed bright as the moons. And I guess it's true what they say about Tansivan sunsets, because this one was nearly beyond words- I swear I even saw Captain Wilson crack a smile at it. Shame we had to go by it so quickly, but some of the other crew told me that we'll get to see it often enough sailing back and forth from Fharyne Bay, and the navigator (Margot?) even mentioned that Captain Wilson will sometimes change course just enough to pass closeby. After seeing the Tansidhelan myself, I honestly can't say I blame him.

An excerpt from the journal of Officer Quinn Allen, second in command of the Hopewell.

Purpose / Function

The Tansidhelan (literally "treasured tower" in Fharyne) is widely considered to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing sights in all of Morova, and it is part of what earned the land of Tansiva its position as the trophy colony within the Kingdom of Fharyn. Perched upon a large naturally occurring rock formation, the Tansidhelan is a massive and ancient lighthouse that dates back to the second Cycle of the world. Scholars estimate that it was one of the earliest of its kind, and certainly the longest lasting. Indeed, many academic minds are puzzled as to how the stone structure, constantly battered by fierce winds and violent storms, has remained not only upright but entirely operational. To this day, it is maintained and helps guide ships in and out of Fharyne Bay even during the worst of storms. It is considered an honor to be chosen as a keeper of the Tansidhelan, as that individual is responsible for guiding countless sailors to the safety of one of Morova's busiest harbors. The position only opens up once the previous keeper retires or passes away, so it can go a long time without changing hands.


Like many buildings in the northern reaches of Morova, the Tansidhelan is constructed mainly of stone. However, it is somewhat unique in this aspect due to the particular stone it was made from- that being the coveted sablestone found only in Tansiva. This pitch black stone seems completely matte until it is hit by the light of both moons, at which point it glows just as bright as any flame. The tower is 180 feet tall, but its position on top of a steep stone spire makes it stand over 400 feet above sea level. Few ever get to see the interior of the Tansidhelan, as it is still a working lighthouse and remains largely closed to visitors, but it is shockingly utilitarian when compared to the striking exterior.


The history of the Tansidhelan is recorded in the journals of its keepers, as part of their duty has always been to write down the daily events of the lighthouse. Many records have been lost over the centuries due to poor preservation or weather damage, but what remains outlines the everyday happenings of over 1,000 years of history. The many wars, storms, rises and falls of political powers, ship launches and shipwrecks: all are recorded in ink and paper, stored away in the cellar of the great tower.

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