Gaïa Station

Gaïa Station is a situated at Earth L4 Lagrangian point.
The first module of the station was sent to space in secret by the Computer Chaos Club . The exact motivation for building such structure is still unknown and this first module was in many way strange. While the fact that the first module sent was a linking module is not so out of place for such a construct the massive heat radiators and the heavy weight of the structure suggested that something aboard was consuming massive amount of power and without external power provided by solar arrays, many suspected the module to contain some kind of nuclear reactor.

Which in truth was the case, even if the exact nature of the first Gaïa PowerUnit A is still undisclosed. This first module prompted heavy scientific and military interest. The incredible amount of fuel needed to proceed to an L4 injection was a the time deemed unprofitable if even feasible by most experts and all governmental space agencies where adamant that permanent space station where to expensive compared to a lunar base anyway.

After this first module the $CCC proceed to launch around a block a month for a very long time and left the world baffled as how they paid for such a project.
The order in which the station was built left no doubt on the commitment of CCC to send people on the far away station as the first tens modules where all aimed at surviving :

  • the second module was a storage module bearing anchor for massive solar arrays

  • Module 3 and 4 where both massive solar / thermal radiator arrays

  • Module 5 was a drone hangar containing magnetic rovers and powered flight drones. Theses autonomous drones where the only active builders on the station during the first few months

  • Module 6 was a living hub, with housing for 2 astronauts

  • Module 7 was an automated defense module including laser canons.


After some more construction Gaïa was deemed safe enough to send human on board and CCC began to send people to live for long period of times in Gaïa. This prompted a formal demand from the international space community to have access to Gaïa for scientific purpose. To some extend and at the great surprise of most, CCC started to send out invite to different agencies to send people on Gaïa in exchange for abiding to a very strict Non Disclosure Agreement about how the station was built and run.

While Construction of Gaïa station was deemed completed in $completionDate, CCC and some invited other party continued to send new module to replace or extend existing one thus making Gaïa grow at high rate since it’s start.

Today Gaïa station is the biggest settlement, by far, in space and host nearly 20000 peoples, some of them born there.

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Cover image: by ESA/CAESAR


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