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The Everblight forest

The everblight forest. Once a stronghold of natural life and rare creatures is now a twisted shell of its previous glory. Once the gem core, now known as the blight core, fell into the forest it's fate was sealed and the blight spread like a cancer. Even now blight flows out of the forest poisoning much of the wastelands. Dozens of teams of all sizes have attempted to reach and destroy the core but none have succeeded. The few that returned told tales of unnamed horrors and a colossal beast that guards the core, feeding off of its radiation.

Purpose / Function

The forest once served as a symbol of chaos to the ponies of Equestria. In a world where pegasi controlled the weather and earth ponies grew the plants this expansive forest needed no caretaker. Clouds formed, storms occurred, animals cared for themselves, plants grew in thick tangles, and creatures of myth were as common as those that weren't. Few ventured into the forest, and fewer came back.


As the war raged on a core designed to produce endless blight was dropped into the everfree forest, transforming it almost over night from an avoidable menace to a place of nightmares. Undead stalk its shadows, rotten carrion birds swarm above, the plants have become dull and gray, thick rivers of blight flow where pure water once was. The monsters that once lived in the forest are now even more terrifying such as hydra fused with dragons, and plants that paralyze those that touch it before dissolving them alive.


In the center of the forest is the long forgotten castle of the two sisters, once the seat of power for the Equestrian empire it now stands as a symbol of their failure.


When the forest came to be is not exactly known. A millennia before the war no forest existed. After the banishing of Luna turned Nightmare Moon, Celestia left the castle wishing to distance herself from the place the two had once called home. Over the years the forest grew and became a force of nature never seen in Equestria.
Natural Wonder
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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