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The Clockwork Tower

The tower is a whirring, grinding, mechanical masterpiece! It is unknown just how many gears are within its brass walls. The tinkerers that call this guildhall home are constantly working on new mechanisms. Known for the mechanical marvels they have produced, the tower is, in its own right, a factory of wonder. The tower itself stands at a height of 75ft and 200ft wide at its base, however, its underground chambers are known only to those of the guild. It is rumored among the common folks that the chambers within shift and move to fit the will and needs of those working within.

Purpose / Function

Base of operations and headquarters for The Clockwork Guild. Built as a masterpiece to show the prowess and capabilities of the tinkerers.


Hollowed out chambers beneath the ground serve as storage, living quarters, and crafting stations for the residents of the guild. Each clockwork chamber can be adjusted by the gear configuration.


Composed of gears of wood, stone, and metal of various sizes; the outside frame work is of polished brass. A great golden spire donned with jeweled balls of platinum tops the tower, gleaming in the days sunlight. Giant iron doors of spinning gears roll away to give entry to the interior. There are no exterior windows as the light inside the tower is produced by bright blue glowing lamps that hum gently.


Built by the Gnome founders of the guild, it took three years to complete. Originally a project of passion and creativity, it became a home and beacon for those with mechanical talent. Each new member adds a gear to the tower, a totem that binds them to the never ending work and progress of the multiverse. The tower has produced powerful siege engines, weapons of war, farming equipment, and even children's toys.
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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