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The Crystal Spire

The Crystal Spire lies to the south-east of Crysteria.


It is a grand tower, stretching far up in to the sky, made of a shimmering and clear crystal, tinted slightly white, just enough so that the inner contents are kept hidden from all. The spire is completely surrounded by a grand Crystallized Lake. It is surrounded in places by large floating chunks of crystal, seemingly ignoring gravity. There is a large opening at the very base, however some form of magic prevents people from crossing over the threshold.


Today, people from all over the world will occasionally take a religious pilgrimage to the spire, to pray to the Crystal Mother, or simply to discover themselves through their travels.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Crystal Spire has long been debated, but nobody knows for sure. Common theories are that it is a focal point of the power of the Crystal Mother, and simply a reminder of her grace, beauty, and power.


None, as the crystal is to be revered and not influenced or tarnished.


Appears to be made from sheer crystal, and nothing else.


It was discovered in -1900 BCA by travellers from the Olidian continent. It was the very first time that a sentient race had discovered anything relating to the crystals, and actually led to the formation of organised religion in -1200 BCA when Crystal Animism was created, along with the nation of True Crysteria, as prior to this, the continent upon which the spire resides was free from all forms of settled life.

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